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This blog is about the psychological consequences of being a person of colour in the UK. It’s about the impact on our inner lives and our sense of identity, about the political landscape we live in that shapes public opinion and the policies that have been put in place to mitigate against the impact of racial bias.

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Contributors who want to highlight particular issues, or are keen to open up debate and discussion, are welcome. Comments are also welcomed. Both contributors and commentators will sign their posts.

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The Sista Collective Podcast

Edieneh Spence from the BAATN Midlands Team speaks on The Sista Collective Podcast – Episode: The black Superwoman” “Every superwoman has her kryptonite” “With therapy theory it is really good cloth but we need to make a garment that suits us” “women need to find a...

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The Ascent and Worship of Winning

Author: Adriana Dorsett:   First of all I want to admit that it probably seems odd to choose this title and subject because Winning is so cozied up in our culture that it’s almost become a law of nature. Also, I’m not totally anti, when sport was drug free the glory...

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Race Discrimination Remains A №1 Problem In The USA

The racial policy of the United States has long historical roots. It all started with the oppression of the indigenous people of America - the Indians: persecution, massacres, infection with smallpox and the creation of reservations, in which people were...

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Jung’s Writings on and Theories About ‘Africans’

Thirty years ago the British Journal of Psychotherapy published a paper by Dr Farhad Dalal entitled ‘Jung: A racist’ (Dalal, 1988). No adequate acknowledgement or apology for what Jung wrote, and Dalal critiqued, has ever been forthcoming from the field of analytical...

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Witnessing the Wound

Due to the popularity of this video I have placed a link to it here in this blog. The impact on relationships between Africans, South Asians and Caribbeans as a result of African slavery (colonisation), the rule of the British Raj (British Rule), indentured slavery...

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‘Shameful’ rebranding of Black History Month

It’s so important to keep a focus on black history and achievement so it's worrying to hear that Black History Month is at the centre of an appropriation row as campaigners complain that a number of councils have scrapped the name, describing it instead as a...

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Coalition Launch in Parliament to end conversion therapy

Coalition Launch in Parliament to end conversion therapy - supported by leading psychological, psychotherapeutic and counselling organisations. The announcement this week of a Government pledge to consider options to end the practice of conversion therapy is a...

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