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This blog is about the psychological consequences of being a person of colour in the UK. It’s about the impact on our inner lives and our sense of identity, about the political landscape we live in that shapes public opinion and the policies that have been put in place to mitigate against the impact of racial bias.

Contributors who want to highlight particular issues, or are keen to open up debate and discussion, are welcome. Comments are also welcomed. Both contributors and commentators will sign their posts.

‘Shameful’ rebranding of Black History Month

It’s so important to keep a focus on black history and achievement so it's worrying to hear that Black History Month is at the centre of an appropriation row as campaigners complain that a number of councils have scrapped the name, describing it instead as a...

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Coalition Launch in Parliament to end conversion therapy

Coalition Launch in Parliament to end conversion therapy - supported by leading psychological, psychotherapeutic and counselling organisations. The announcement this week of a Government pledge to consider options to end the practice of conversion therapy is a...

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If anyone is to learn anything about life

If anyone is to learn anything about life My role as a counsellor has thrown up many conundrums. I’ve learnt so much about the meaning of life and death and what it is to be human beyond the endless tick boxes that are frequently used to define who one is or how one...

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Maintaining manliness, through the tears

Maintaining manliness, through the tears Throughout the history of boxing, the most successful boxers have traditionally been groomed in, and recruited from, the harshest of environments. Their difficult upbringing, and associated social development, has typically...

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The good Immigrant

Post by Sreety Das - ‘The good immigrant’ edited by Nikesh Shukla is a collection of 21 writers, from a range of professional backgrounds, who explore through their own experiences “what it means to be Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic in Britain today.” Some famous...

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Ending the practice of ‘conversion therapy’ in the UK

Leading UK psychological professions and Stonewall unite against conversion therapy An updated memorandum of understanding (MoU) against conversion therapy has been launched today, which makes it clear that conversion therapy in relation to gender identity and sexual...

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Hope and Trepidation: Musings on the 2017 BAATN Conference

Written by Conference Delegate So, this was about the third conference that I had been reading about and yet not booked a place. I thought long and hard about why I did this. Me, an older Asian female, fairly recently retrained after a career, motherhood and lots in...

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Trump vs Hillary or Trump vs Obama?

"This whole effort from Trump is to erase Obama, that’s what’s really going on here. They are trying to erase him as an entity" Bonnie Greer I went to see ‘The Hotel Cerise’ a play written by Bonnie Greer, and afterwards attended a discussion of the themes within the...

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