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Support for Trainers

BAATN wants to support trainers and therapists to make training, supervision and therapy more accessible to those from black, Caribbean and South Asian heritage. 

Listen to Students

5 Student Voices Video

Watch 5 students talk about their experiences in training and in the support they receive in the Student Support Groups.

Trainer And Therapist Forums

Deepening the race conversation in therapeutic practice

A space for trainers, course leaders and qualified therapists of all heritages and theoretical backgrounds. to explore and reflect on the experiences of BME students, supervisees and clients as well as share good practice in how we facilitate the race conversation on euro-centric courses and in therapy. 

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Recommended reading for students and Trainers

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Papers that describe the student experience

Silenced: the Black Student Experience – Eugene Ellis

• Article already part of therapy courses reading lists
Summary: Black and Asian counselling students often complain that their difference and experience is ignored in counselling training. Eugene Ellis and Niki Cooper discuss the reasons for this failure to acknowledge cultural diversity.
• Therapy Today, December 2013, Volume 24, Issue 10 black-student-experience-eugene-ellis/

Updating Psychotherapy training: equality and diversity issues in psychotherapy Training – Eugene Ellis 

Summary: The profession must be much more sensitive to those from ethnic minorities who commit to psychotherapy training, says Eugene Ellis. Our business is the human condition. We have the tools.
• The Psychotherapist issue 61: Autumn 2015 psychotherapy-training-equality-and-diversity-issues-in- psychotherapy-training-eugene-ellis/

Recommend the student support groups and mentoring Programme to your students

Student Support Groups

These gatherings are for those of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage who are training to become psychotherapists and counsellors. These gatherings are also open to other people of colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

London Groups  | Midland Groups

Student Mentoring Programme

One to one support to Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean students who are in counselling or psychotherapy training. The programme is also open to other people of colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

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For Student Mentoring Project

Help nurture Black and Asian psychological therapists through their training so they can contribute to Mental Health services in the UK.

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