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Designed to support you in your growth as a practitioner, develop your career, grow your network and save you money

BAATN membership is a resource that nurtures your professional growth and supports you in shaping your own future with confidence.

1. Join a thriving community
2. List your self on one of our online directories
  • List your services as a psychological or complementary practitioner.

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3. Exclusive Access to past conference talks

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  • Rameri Reshkhi Moukam – Kujichagula (Self-Determination)
  • Dr Harbrinder Dhillon-Stevens – Institutionalised Racism: A pandora’s box that keeps being ignored
  • David Weaver – We need to step up!
  • Anshu Srivastava – Decolonising Psychoanalysis – Theorising Our Own Experience – Transatlantic Dialogues
  • Foluke Taylor – for therapists who have considered leaving / when being at (and after) the end of the world is enuf
  • Carmen Joanna Ablack – Extending self-care into reflective resilience practice
  • Ayesha Aslam – Adversities creating changes in our lives
  • Dr Dwight Turner – Sisyphus Rising: Can we fight the White Supremacist in our dreams?
  • Dr Begum Maitra – The Uses and Misuses of Anger: What We Might Tell The Young 
  • Frank Lowe – Tottenham Thinking Space: Working therapeutically with communities
  • Carmen Joanne Ablack – Self as Source of Own Creativity: An Exploration of The Art of Outrage
  •  Arike – Colonialism, Violence, Father and Me: A Young Black Man’s Initiation Into Manhood In Mid 20th Century UK
  • Eugene Ellis – Introduction to the 2016 Conference
  • Paulette Gibson and Patmarie Coleman – Challenge and opportunity as Black co-trainers
  • Poppy Banerjee – Working with Asian women and domestic violence
4. Access free support gatherings

Attend one of our BAATN gatherings for free that focuses on the intersection of race and other oppressions.

These gatherings are for therapy professionals, students and others in the helping professions who are of African, South Asian or Caribbean heritage. They are also open to other People of Colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

The gatherings are:

  • Asian Gathering
  • Bilingual Practitioners’ Gathering
  • Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity
  • Kuli Dhal Puri Diaspora Gathering
  • Men’s Gathering
  • Multi-Heritage Diversity gathering
  • Student Gatherings
  • Women’s Gathering
5. Gain discounts on trainings and events

Members get discounted tickets for events, tranings and conferences

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