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Author:  Judy Nkechukwu

The Purge.


The Purge.  You know, the movie?  We are living it.
Anxiety, Stress and Fear is really here!
The Joy of the Oppressed.
Soul exhaustion, compassion fatigue, frozen – simply yearning to feel!
The 3 – 2 -1  Countdown; whilst the Earth’s crust is having a meltdown.
The skies are lighting up – is that the stars twinkling bright or bombs dropping out of someone’s sheer delight?

Happy New Year!  Where is the Peace for all things that are not happy?
Traitors, Trust – TV shows trending right now focusing on Betrayal, Lies and Foes.
Is this really how the New Year starts; so….
The Us, the We in Here – we see; the stories behind our eyes filled with fear.
A Cultural Collective is what we aim to achieve.

A moment of calm and internal Still is maybe what we need to start; align and still the mind.

Attacks, new revelations, knife crime, needing tools to assist with the overwhelm of the helper!  DANGER!  Black Women in Leadership BE CAREFUL!
There is a need to regroup as the racism mould is growing and we are inhaling…
We sit here, at the table, to break bread and eat today.
How do we support each other – let’s do it TODAY!
Shout out our articles, retreats, companies, graduations, businesses, recommendations, connections – let’s elevate one another; SURELY we are able!
Let’s start today.

The Purge. You know, the movie?  The fall is only for a short time, then life must continue.



Judy Nkechukwu (formerly Judy Harrison) BSc Hons, GMBPsS, MA, PG Dip. Level 4 EMDR Accreditation.

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