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Open Training Event

Foundation Course in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing

In person and online

16th March 2024 to October 2024



Ancestral Constellations in collaboration with BAATN has developed a new Foundation training programme in Systemic Constellations with a focus on the Transgenerational Lives of Black and Brown Diaspora Communities. Our vision is to provide a pathway for people from diverse backgrounds to train in transgenerational family work from an Africa and ancestral centred perspective.

This is the first training of its kind and runs from March – October 2024.

This is a new training that explores Transgenerational Family Life from a Diaspora perspective. It grounds participants in the principles and practice of Ancestral Family Constellations, a process that draws closely on an integration of both Western systemic and Indigenous ancestral family traditions.

The learning will incorporate, systemic coaching, family constellations thinking, ancestral indigenous traditions and personal healing ritual over two modules. There is an optional third module which will take the form of a retreat to experience the work in South Africa.

The Ancestral Constellations extends the systemic constellations method of Bert Hellinger who developed the process in Germany, after returning from South Africa where he had been catholic priest and missionary for many years. He observed African Ancestral family traditions and integrated them into a Western therapeutic model.

This extension into the African perspective found within systemic constellations theory and practice allows a wider global lens on concepts around health, emotional wellbeing and the role of the ancestral and ancestors in family and transgenerational life. The training is designed for those new to or at an intermediate stage of knowledge in systemic constellations work.

This programme is not designed to train participants to become systemic constellations facilitators leading groups. It has been developed for participants who already have a field of practice that they can integrate their learning into.

The course will prioritise individuals from the global majority who will make up the majority of the attendees.



MODULE 1 – Introduction to Ancestral Constellations & Systemic Practice

The focus is on the principles and practice of systemic and family constellations to create a strong foundation of learning. We will look at the the concept of ‘orders of love’ that Hellinger developed and the principles that lie behind the model including the ancestral overlay deep in its roots.

MODULE 2Introduction to African Centred Therapeutic Practice

We will delve deeper into African ancestral traditions, especially those that emphasise community, to explore how this holistic approach can support Diaspora family life. This will include the work of elders like Malidoma Some and we will also examine the indigenous concept of ‘Rites of Passage’ alongside the more familiar concept of stages of the family life cycle.

OPTIONAL MODULE 3 Currently being developed as a systemic constellations learning and healing retreat, dates to be confirmed in November 2023

Click here to download the full Ancestral Constellations Foundation Course overview


6 Day In-Person

Module 1 gives the participant an overview of the Ancestral Constellations approach and consists of both theory and practice.

This is an In-Person module taking place over three weekends workshops in London in spring 2024. It gives an introduction to the ancestral and African roots of the method and provides an African centred overview of the process, drawing on indigenous traditions and beliefs and concepts about mental health and emotional wellness. Both personal openness to learning about your own family lineage and professional interest in using this framework within your own practice will be required.



6 Days Online and In-Person

Module 2 contains both theoretical and experiential components that extend on the information presented in module 1 and is primarily focused on the application of the Ancestral Constellations model for Black and Diaspora individuals, families and communities. This will be a combination of theory and practice and we will utilise a range of creative methods to build a toolbox that can be used for one-to-one therapeutic or coaching practice and/or integration into your own professional work specialism. It is recommended that you begin practicing with non-family members.

NOTES: The two modules of this programme are designed for people who want to integrate ancestral constellations into their field of competence. This is a foundation training that will not teach you to become a facilitator of family constellation workshops. To reach that level of competence you will be required to take an advanced training and have at least 3-5 years experience in constellations work.



1. Learn the core skills of transgenerational family work from a Diaspora perspective

2. Learn from a senior facilitator with over 12 years experience working with the constellations modality

3. Explore some of the key issues that impact Black transgenerational lives and communities of colour

4. Learn the fundamentals of the systemic constellations method

5. Learn in a gathering of like minded people of colour

6. Assess how you intend to use your learning in your field of competence

7. Prepare for a longer foundation course without the cost of entering a full programme



The programme is open to everyone but its main focus is on people from Black/African/Asian/People of Colour communities who are interested in exploring systemic work and how it can support transgenerational families and communities within a Western Diaspora context. This is a path that can lead to family research and a greater connection to older cultural and wisdom traditions.

The practice element of the course will focus on family dynamics and entanglements as they impact Black/communities of colour. This entails creating a framework that looks at family within a social and community context exploring the principles of systemic constellations from both a Western psycho-social and African/Indigenous perspective.

You could be wanting to explore the learning from a personal or professional perspective and the programme will be especially valuable for therapists, coaches, counsellor, trainers, holistic practitioner’s, nurses, social workers and other professionals who ……

  • Work with multi-identity families and communities and are looking for new perspectives on complex family systems and relationship dynamics

  • Want to integrate systemic thinking and constellations into their practice

  • Want to understand more about ancestral family knowledge and its relevance for the families that they work with

  • Want to experience a unique and powerful approach to transformation and change in the company of other like minded people



This is a 12-day Foundation Course in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing and is intended to support professionals who wish to integrate the concepts into their own field of practice. After the course you can apply to other training providers to do an advanced programme that will enable you to start facilitating groups. Please note that like other counselling and therapeutic approaches, systemic and family constellations are a learning path that takes a number of years to become competent in. Ancestral Constellations and BAATN are currently in discussion with an international training provider regarding a step-up after the foundation course into their advanced learning programme, further details will be announced in November 2023.



Sonya Welch-Moring



Module 1 – In person
Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, Unit 4, Lysander Mews, Lysander Grove, London, N19 3QP

Module 2 – Online and In person
Online sessions will take place on Zoom. To download Zoom free of charge click here.

In person sessions will take place at Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, Unit 4, Lysander Mews, Lysander Grove, London, N19 3QP


This is a 2 Module Foundation Training in the Ancestral Constellations transgenerational model, with a focus on family constellations and ancestral healing traditions. It will run from March to October 2024. Please note that modules can not be taken individually.

An optional third module, is currently being developed.


Module 1 (6 days)
Module 2 (6 days)

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Ancestral Constellations & Systemic Practice

16th & 17th March 2024 10am – 5pm In person
20th & 21st April 2024* 10am – 5pm In person
18th & 19th May 2024* 10am – 5pm In person

* please note the change of dates from the previous listing

MODULE 2 – Introduction to African Centred Therapeutic Practice

8th June 2024 10am – 1pm Online
6th July 2024 10am – 1pm Online
3 August 2024 10am – 1pm Online
7 September 2024 10am – 1pm Online
14th & 15th September 2024 10am – 5pm In person
12th & 13th October 2024 10am – 5pm In person


  • Mentoring and Supervision: Bi-monthly online group supervision x 3
  • Peer Group Practice: 10 hours which are self-organised
  • Development of Personal Genogram
  • 3 Core books to read
  • 1 x Individual constellation/healing ritual supervision (to be paid directly to Sonya Welch-Moring)


    This is a new programme and these fees are for 2024 only.

    Early bird discount (available for payments made in full before 14th January 2024):

    £900 for BAATN members
    £1,050 for non-members
    £1,300 for organisations

    Standard course fees (from 15th January 2024):

    £1,050 for BAATN members
    £1,250 for non-members
    £1,550 for organisations

    (Click here to become a member)

    Please note all course fees must be paid in full no later than 29th February 2024. 

    Booking Terms and Conditions

    Once you receive a conditional offer of a place on the Foundation Course, you have 21 days to pay your course fee in full by bank transfer. Details on how to make this transfer will be provided along with notification of your conditional offer. After the 21 day deadline, if your place has not been secured by paying your fee in full, your conditional offer will be automatically moved to our waiting list. 



    The following outlines how refunds will be calculated for participants undertaking the Foundation Course.

    Withdrawal date Fee liability
    Up to 19th January 2024 Refund of fees (less £250 for administration costs)
    Up to 10th February 2024 50% course fee will be payable *
    From 11th February 2024 100% course fee will be payable / No refund *

    * In the event that we can fill your place, we will refund your course fee in full (less £250 administration costs)

    What delegates have said about working with sonya Welch-Moring’S ancestral constellations:

    “These are issues in common to many communities. The workshops are essential to reveal and transform what has kept us back for generations. Witnessing others transform is a humbling and inspirational process.”

    “I came here hoping for a healing I’ve sought from other therapeutic practices, I found it here.”

    “This was such a powerful, healing experience. I am so grateful to have received a constellation and honoured to take part in others.”

    “This workshop is a must for anyone seeking to understand their family set-up and dynamics from an ancestral perspective. You will be transformed and held safely, it is highly recommended.”


    To apply for the Foundation Course, please complete the Application form and return it to: by Friday 1st December 2023.

    Late applications may be considered.

    Interviews for the course will take place on 7th and 8th December and 11th and 13th December 2023.

    To attend a Q & A session on Wednesday 15th November, 6.30pm – 8.00pm with the Course Facilitator, Sonya Welch-Moring, please register using the form below.


    On Tuesday 6th February 2024 the Course Facilitator, Sonya Welch-Moring will be hosting a free Q&A session at 6.30pm to 8.00pm for those interested in signing up for the Foundation course.

    To register for this event, please complete the form below:


    The questions below were asked at a question and answer session for people who were interested in applying for the Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing. The answers have been loosely edited for clarity, but aim to keep a conversational tone.

    How do constellations work when there are obstacles in discovering your family tree such as missing information?

    Many people within our diverse Diaspora communities do not know where they come from. They may have a ‘missing’ family member who is not known to them. Or they may have been adopted or brought up outside of the biological family system. Not having a sense of belonging and identity can be very traumatising, but there are ways to use the constellations process to explore your ancestral line.

    These ‘other ways of knowing’ are not necessarily found within a Western logical-rational framework. They rely more on instinct, intuition, inner knowing and RE-membering. Using constellations to explore your family system can reveal issues that are out of view or unknown. The foundation course will give you the knowledge and skills to learn how to do this, for yourself and others.


    What will I gain from doing the Foundation Training?

    The level of learning that is missing or receives little attention in many counselling trainings, is how to work therapeutically with African and Asian Diaspora families and communities. During the course we will explore in depth the transgenerational issues and concerns that affect us as individuals, families and communities of colour.

    The foundation training has two aims. The first is for participants to gain the skills and knowledge required to use the family constellations method within their own field of practice. The second is support for you to do your own personal ancestral work and learn more about your family heritage and cultural traditions.

    This course is likely to get you thinking about your transgenerational past and your current family life. We work in the present and connect to the past, going back to look and learn and then go forward. Hopefully we can make a difference for those coming after us.


    What work do you do with this qualification, where do you take it, how do you do it out in the world?

    There are many different ways to use this work. You can use Constellations in one-to-one work. If you’re a therapist, counsellor or coach, you can use the process to work with your clients, helping them to explore their transgenerational history by mapping a family constellation. Systemic Constellations can also be used within teams and organisations, within a community setting or within the health and wellness sector.

    If you want to practice full time however, you will have to be dedicated as it takes a lot of training and you will need to build your own community. To work as a facilitator of the process with large groups, you need to go on an advanced training course. This will teach you how to facilitate constellations using different processes and how to manage groups and the issues that arise from working with them.

    Advanced training is an additional year of learning. Two years is the minimum amount of time to become competent as a systemic constellations facilitator. Systemic Constellations work has also not yet been accredited by any professional bodies. Arguably this could be seen as a positive, giving space for this relatively new therapeutic approach to mature.


    What will be the size of the group on the Foundation Course?

    The ideal group size is 15 with a maximum of 18 participants. This will allow for a large enough group to work with a range of constellation approaches, be it family, community, or organisational issues. Participants from Diaspora and communities of colour are likely to make up the majority of people on the training. The minimum number required to deliver the training is 10.


    Will there be space or time reflection and processing if something personal comes up?

    Constellations can be very profound. It takes time after a personal constellation for it to settle, because you are doing this work on behalf of your family system. After a constellation has taken place, you should not talk about it with others for at least a few days because you can dilute the energy and flow of the constellation.

    There will be bi-monthly two-hour group supervision sessions with Sonya and at least one individual supervision session of 90 minutes to support you in unpacking some of the issues that may arise for you personally. There will also be a space for skills development and personal reflection within the peer groups that will be part of the training.


    It says there will be interviews, can you explain a bit more about this?

    There is a short application to complete to know more about who people are. It also gives you time to think about why you are applying and what you want from the foundation course. The interview will be 30 minutes and will also give you an opportunity to find out more about Sonya [the facilitator]. Interviews will take place primarily in December with some in January and February.


    Can you explain what you mean by African centred therapeutic practice?

    “African centred therapeutic practice” is central in my work as it honours the heritage and roots of the constellations process. When I did my family constellation training, the African indigenous and ancestral aspect of the process was very hidden. I found it through my own personal learning and reading about the founder Bert Hellinger and his time spent in South Africa as a missionary to Zulu communities.

    As part of my personal therapeutic journey, I have followed an ancestral path to reclaim my African heritage. African and Asian traditional healing practices are connected to us, whether we choose to own it or not. This course is about centering us, people of colour within our own transgenerational lives and communities.


    Can you do this work online?

    You can work online with the Diaspora dollies doing one-to-one work. Some people do group constellation work online but I have chosen not to do this because group work resonates for me more in person.


    What happens if you cant attend all the days?

    It is important to make a commitment to attend all the dates. A lot will be covered in each weekend so if you miss one, you will miss a lot of information.


    How will supervision work?

    There will be 2-hour group supervision and in the individual supervision, there will be an opportunity to look more deeply at your own practice.


    How do you get your certificate?

    You will get a CPD certificate of attendance from BAATN and Ancestral Constellations after completing the course.


    What is Cultural Appropriation

    Someone asked a great question about cultural appropriation as the roots of the family constellations method can be found in Zulu ancestral traditions. I speak as someone who has an African Caribbean Diaspora background and I refer to my own lived experience. There are connections to African healing traditions that can be found in Caribbean culture and in my practice, I am exploring and adapting these traditions for the Diaspora communities that I work with.

    My practice is located within my cultural traditions and the approach is adaptable for others coming from different traditions. I welcome that and for me this is not cultural appropriation. For me cultural appropriation occurs, when something has been taken from another culture, is adapted and then its origin is not referenced or honoured. An example of this is the appropriation of yoga in the West, an Indian spiritual practice that has been commodified, often beyond recognition and utilised by many people who have no understanding of its origins or cultural roots.

    Attend Q&A session for the Foundation Course in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing

    Date: Tuesday 6th February 2024
    Time: 6.30pm – 8.00pm
    Hosted by Course Facilitator: Sonya Welch-Moring
    Venue: Zoom


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