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Organisation Structure & People

The Director

Eugene Ellis 

The director is responsible for the overall running of BAATN. He is directly supported by the Leadership team (below) and is the figurehead of the organisation. Eugene’s website.

The Leadership and Advisory Team

Carmen Joanne Ablack
Dennis L Carney
Eugene Ellis
Ian Thompson
Jayakara Ellis
Karen Minikin
Poppy Banerjee
Rotimi Akinsete

Mickey Peake
Robert Sookhan

The Leadership group aims to compassionately steer the organisation’s direction as a whole, support BAATN’s development and meet the needs of the BAATN community. The Leadership group also aims to be visible in the world, pay attention to BAATN’s external profile and pay particular attention to our self-care as an essential part of development and growth.


BAATN Administrator

The BAATN Administrator is responsible for responding to general emails and forwarding incoming messages to the relevant people within BAATN. They also administrate the BAATN newsletter, website Job Posts and Network Job Adverts.


Membership Admin

Membership Admin is responsible for membership applications.


Events Admin

Events Admin is responsible for event bookings.


Web Admin

Web Admin is responsible for updating and editing the main BAATN website.



Ruth Allwood:


Social Media Content Creator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for communicating BAATN’s brand on its various social media channels.


Training and Events Coordinator

The Training and Events Coordinator ensures that events and promotions run smoothly and that delegates and facilitators have a relaxed and comfortable training/workshop experience.


Mentoring Programme Coordinator

The Mentoring Programme Coordinator ensures the smooth running of the ‘Each One Teach One Mentoring Programme“. This includes processing applications, communicating with mentors, mentees and support staff and keeping track of the programme timetable.

Olivia Donkor:


BAATN Series Producer

The BAATN Series Producer responds to organisations who are looking for training and consultation from BAATN. The role involves clarifying the input organisations are looking for, liaising with potential facilitators and others to meet organisational requests and producing individual programmes.

Natasha Sackey,


These groups are tasked with coordinating specific areas of work within BAATN. The coordinating group members are all volunteers. If you would like to contact one of the coordinating groups, email,

South Asian Diaspora Coordinating Group

The remit of the group

  1. To identify and coordinate the bringing together of resources that psychologically support the South Asian Diaspora community.
  2. To invite, encourage and support BAATN members and others to bring their passion and expertise in South Asian Diaspora mental health and wellbeing to BAATN members, the entire therapy community and the wider public
  3. To raise the profile and awareness of mental health and wellbeing within the South Asian Diaspora to the wider therapeutic community and the public

Group members

Poppy Banerjee

Vedia Maharaj

Naila Dunleavy

Anvita Madan-Bahel

Nafeesa Javed

Palak Mehta


Training Coordinating Group

The Training Coordinating Group is responsible for establishing a relationship with all of the facilitators and trainers within BAATN, offering them support and opportunities to further their growth. They are also responsible for coordinating the formation of a counselling course and training events more widely.

Conference Coordinating Group

The Conference Coordinating Group is responsible for planning and implementing the various conferences within BAATN. Individuals and groups are invited to plan and run one-off conferences on an ad-hoc basis with the support of the main group.

Publications Coordinating Group

The Publications Coordinating Group is responsible for bringing together books and journal articles for publication.

External Relations Coordinating Group

The External Relations Coordinating Group is responsible for developing relationships with external organisations and individuals of influence and also speaking out on issues of importance to the BAATN community.


Regional teams plan and organise activities outside of the London area, including facilitating gatherings, events and training.

Regional teams operate currently in the Midlands

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