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The BAATN Blog – Guest Contributors

Contributors who want to highlight issues they are interested in, or are keen to open up debate and discussion, are welcome. Below are the guest post guidelines and submission process.

Guest Post Guidelines

The BAATN blog contains posts about the internal psychological world from a Black, African, Asian and Caribbean perspective and the meeting place between therapy, politics and the race conversation. Guest blog posts should follow this remit.


  • Blog posts need to tell a story and have a beginning middle and end
  • Give your post a snappy, interesting title
  • Guest blogs are NOT advertising for your blog/business/website, or your products or services although they may contain links that reference them.

Post Content and Formatting Preferences:

  • Posts are required to have original and unique content.
  • Posts should be between 300 and 2000 words
  • Use subheadings through the post body as well as short paragraphs and bullet points (to make the post easier to read)
  • Consider including short summary text – short summaries are only a few words in length and added to a blog post to make it easy for busy readers to quickly browse through articles.
  • If you have an image to accompany a post that would be welcomed. You need to have permission to use any images in your post.

Link Requirements and Policies:

  • No affiliate links
  • Guest posts are allowed to link to their own content within the post
  • You are allowed no more than 3 links in your post content and by-line (not including your biography and social links)

The process of submitting the guest post:

  • Send post in a word document attached to an email to Attach your images and other multimedia separately.
  • Biography data should be sent in a clear and structured format with links to your blog/website and social media handles.
  • Make sure you have thoroughly edited your content
  • Posts will be further edited if needed; please don’t be offended if we suggest changes.


  • Blog posts submitted and accepted for posting on the BAATN Blog are also free to be republished in other formats and publications.

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