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Author: Denise James

It Feels So Good Experiencing The Sweet Taste of Personal Freedom that comes from Exercising The Power of Choice of how I will respond to my Life Situations.

It Feels So Good experiencing that Peace of Mind that comes from making up One’s Mind to Own One’s Mind and not give it over to inside & outside malignant force.

It Feels So Good experiencing the Sweet Serenity of not being whisked off & away into Amygdala Brain, which causes the loss of time, especially those Preciously Sweet Moments of Now.

It Feels So Good, especially for the likes of me, experiencing Freedom From Worry, and from anxiety, playing over & over “worse case scenarios.” My Mind is at her Happiest at this time in my life, in spite of the unprecedented presence of Corona.

It Feels So Good to Feel So Good Fervently Claiming “Feel So Good,” moment to moment & daily. It Feels So Good to Feel So Good without terror riding up behind me tryna steal My Joy, like it used to, once required as a matter of survival.

It Just Feels So Good!!

Peace, Love & Light,


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