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Author: Eugene Ellis

My attention was drawn, by a BAATN member, to a European Parliament resolution that was like… what? How come I never heard about this in the news?

The European Parliament has approved, by a large majority, the resolution on the “Fundamental rights of people of African descent” recognising the current situation of structural racism and asks that the former colonising Member States follow the call for apologies and compensations for the colonial period, bearing in mind its lasting impact in the present.

The European Parliament sat on the 26th March, with 535 votes for, 80 against and 44 abstentions. I wonder where the UK stood on this. If anyone knows, please comment. Interesting times, given that Brexit is on the horizon.

The resolution referred to the need to officially acknowledge the histories of people of African descent in Europe, including slavery and the transatlantic slave trade, and those committed under European colonialism. The resolution also encourages Member States to make the history of people of African descent part of their curricula and to present a comprehensive perspective on colonialism and slavery which recognises their historical and contemporary adverse effects on people of African descent.

You can read through the debate and resolutions here.



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