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A new publication by Karen Shireen Minikin

The book-launch event will take place on Wednesday, 11th of October, 5:30 pm

Available for pre-order – will be published on the 29th Sept – 20% Discount: use code SMA38, available on the Routledge website until 31st October 23. 

Radical-Relational Perspectives in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy assesses various forms of oppression in current, historical and personal perspectives and considers the impact this has on the development and sustenance of the psyche.

Within this book, Minikin reformulates the ideas of Radical Psychiatry for the contemporary community, and both honours the historical legacy of including the social and political in transactional analysis and offers a critique of Eurocentrism in traditional relational perspectives. Through personal and clinical illustrations, Minikin encourages those in the TA community to move topics such as diversity from the margins to the centre when working with patients, and to integrate the political with traditional relational perspectives.

The consequences of becoming marginalized through alienation speaks across multiple disciplines in social sciences, making this a must-read for counsellors, psychotherapists and other applied psychologists who want to think more deeply about social responsibility within their work.

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