Women Practitioners Group

This is a Closed Practitioner Event

A support group for qualified female psychotherapists and counsellors who are of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritage. The group is also open to other therapists of colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

The support group’s aim is to energise and inspire each other’s practice and passions. Together we will create a space where we reflect together as qualified practitioners, to support a sense of shared experience, growth, and mutual facilitation.

To find out about the kinds of themes or topics under discussion, as well as projects that individual groups are in the process of undertaking at some of the other BAATN gatherings, please take a look here.

The space is held by: Poppy Banerjee and Mickey Peake

This is a zoom online event

Time: 10:30 – 13:00

Dates: These gatherings are held every month.

23 October 2021
20 November 2021
18 December 2021
15 January 2022
19 February 2022
19 March 2022
23 April 2022
21 May 2022
18 June 2022
16 July 2022
20 August 2022
17 September 2022

  • These events are free to Psychological Therapist Members and Student Therapist Members, £10 for Non-members.
  • You can book gatherings up until the day before the gathering at 5 pm
  • Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time.
  • If you have difficulty booking, you can email membershipandevents@baatn.org.uk
  • If an event is full, email membershipandevents@baatn.org.uk to go on the waiting list. If a place becomes available before 5pm on the day before the event, priority will be given to those at the top of the waiting list.

Comments from members

“I enjoyed the group, it was open, supportive and non judgemental. The space was safe to talk or to listen” – Debra Villet

I felt it was a supportive and nourishing environment as are all BAATN events because they are for people of colour and it is important to be able to have a safe place to share our experiences in the world of counselling and therapy”

“I am very thankful for the space not only for connection and support which is offered but also for the mental stimulation and process!”


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