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Gathering Statement of Purpose

BAATN Gathering Events are for therapy professionals, students and others in the helping professions who are of African, South Asian or Caribbean heritage. They are also open to other People of Colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power. See upcoming events

Please read the Statement of Purpose for all our gatherings before attending the group.

  • All of our gatherings are for us to witness one another and be heard, and as such, they are not therapy groups.
  • We gather to work with the challenge of taking up space, sharing space and how we can feel silenced.
  • We are mindful that we all have different inter-generational stories, multiple identities (genders, sexualities) and communication styles and that our community is diverse.
  • We seek to be courageous in holding in mind how we experience our disappointment in each other.
  • Our focus is on the process rather than who we are or what we do.
  • We acknowledge that we are traumatised people working and helping each other learn in a traumatising society.
  • We seek to foster a space for learning from each other’s unique wisdom and perspective.

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