Gatherings for Experienced Practitioners and Students – Birmingham

Due to the coronavirus, gatherings with the Midlands team will take place online until further notice

The next online event: The impact of current world events on us and our clients – 25th July 2020

This is a Closed Practitioner Event

These gatherings will be held in Birmingham for therapy practitioners and students of Black, African South Asian and people of colour heritages. These gatherings are also open to other therapists of colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power.

The groups aim – to connect with other working therapists of colour, to gain support with developing ourselves as practitioners and to leave the group energised and inspired.

To find out about the kinds of themes or topics under discussion, as well as projects that individual groups are in the process of undertaking at some of the other BAATN gatherings, please take a look here.

Venue: Birmingham Counselling Services, 205 Zellig Building, Gibb Street, Custard Factory, Birmingham, B9 4AT. Getting there
Time: 14:00 – 16:30


02 May 2020 – This is an online Zoom gathering
06 June 2020 – This is an online Zoom gathering
25 July 2020 – This is an online Zoom gathering 

The impact of current world events on us and our clients – 25th July 2020

In this gathering, we will discuss the effects of social media on how we relate to issues of race and racism.

Amongst our conversations, we will explore:

– What we have noticed in our online behaviour when our reflections are made through the lens of the personal, professional, family/friend and community?
– How might these digitalised conversations on race and racism be a resource and a restraint, opening possibility and problems in our therapeutic practice?

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  • These events are free to Psychological Therapist Members and Student Therapist Members, £10 for Non-members.
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  • Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time.
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