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Posting is currently free. This posting board is for organisations looking to find a therapist or fill a student placement. This board is also for organisations who want to develop their services for Black and Asian communities and who want to make links to the community to make their ideas a reality. Please note; this is not an advice service, only post if there is an identified post or project and you are looking to find individuals to fill specific roles.

After your listing has been submitted, it will need to be approved before going live. Your listing will be live for 30 days or until you mark the post as filled. If you want to edit your listing(s) you can do so by going to the Account Dashboard.

If you have a BAATN membership you can sign in with that account, if not, you will need to register for an account click here and then click Register. Once you have set up your account, come back to this page to continue. 

Password renewal – If password renewal does not work for you, please contact the administrator, who will renew your password for you. (You will need to email using the user account email address)

After you have posted a listing, you can edit your postings through your account dashboard, including marking the post as filled.

You can also post custom emails for jobs directly to the network mailing list here

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