Mens’ Gatherings

Living Inside and Outside the Male Stereotype

The Men’s gatherings will be hosting themed sessions for 18th November 17, 6th January 18 and 3 March 18 under the heading ‘Living Inside and Outside the Male Stereotype’. The sub themes for the individual groups will be Our Relationships, Our Sexuality and Money respectively. We will be looking at how we connect as men and how we can become more authentic with ourselves and with each other.

These sessions will start off with a short presentation which will involve a reading, video or audio which will then lead into an open discussion. As always there will be a space to bring personal concerns.

As male therapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean heritages this is a space to connect through shared experience, learn from one another and inspire each other. Together we will create a space where we can articulate our voice around our inner journeys and from this place find ways to express our voice out in the world.

Hope you can join us.

The space is held by: Eugene Ellis, Rotimi Akinsete and Arike

Venue: North London Group Therapy, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA Getting there

Time: 10:30 – 13:00

30 sept 17
18 Nov 17
6 Jan 18
3 Mar 18
12 May 18
7 Jul 18

Why have Separate Groups for Black and Asian Therapists?

Cost: This event is free to Directory and Practitioner members, £10 for Non-members. For Non-members booking reservations without payment will be held for 1 week before being offered to another person.

Booking: Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time. Please do not attend the gathering if you have not booked as the groups are often full. You can also book a place by email: or download the booking form.

If an event is full email to join a waiting list. If a place becomes available just before the event is due to take place, everyone on the waiting list will be contacted via email with the first person to respond being offered the place.

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