Mens’ Gatherings

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As male therapists of Black, African, South Asian and Caribbean heritages this is a space to connect through shared experience, learn from one another and inspire each other. These gatherings are also open to other people of colour who are affected by prejudice due to the colour of their skin and global white power. Together we will create a space where we can articulate our voice around our inner journeys and from this place find ways to express our voice out in the world.

The day-long format for the gatherings will consist of a main presentation followed by discussion, with a focus on how we connect as men, and how we can become more authentic with ourselves and with each other.

To find out about the kinds of themes or topics under discussion, as well as projects that individual groups are in the process of undertaking at some of the other BAATN gatherings, please take a look here.


The space is held by: Eugene Ellis and Rotimi Akinsete 

  • These events are free to Psychological Therapist Members and Student Therapist Members, £10 for Non-members.
  • You can book gatherings up until the day before the gathering at 5 pm
  • Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time.
  • If you have difficulty booking, you can email
  • If an event is full, email to go on the waiting list. If a place becomes available before 5pm on the day before the event, priority will be given to those at the top of the waiting list.
Comments from members

“The body of mental health practitioners committed to the holistic care of those they serve must extend their emblematic arms beyond the confines of the professions usual conventions to the struggle for social justice” – Joden Joseph.

“It is important and empowering for Black therapists to reflect on experiences of oppression and racism, support one another and consider liberating ways of practising”

“I feel the Men’s Gathering is a powerful space to articulate a cohesive agenda for change and growth among black people. I feel that developing a black only counselling and psychotherapy training institute is one such idea.”Justin Alexander


Previous Events 

4th July 2020 – Malcolm Phillips – Becoming A Black Male Therapist 

This event featured guest speaker Malcolm Phillips, who has spent more than 30 years developing and managing community based mental health and counselling services that specifically engage with Black families and communities.

He is currently the Counselling Programme Lead for Hestia – a  London based Charityproviding support to more than 10,000 people across London, working with Modern Slavery, Domestic Abuse and Mental Health.

He co-developed and delivered a post-qualifying Diploma in Black Therapy – a one-year training course exploring approaches to therapy for Black people and communities.

He was founder and chair of Safoa, the National African and Caribbean Mental Health Network and is currently a board member of the UK Chapter of the Association of Black Psychologists. 

The talk included reflections on training and knowledge in engaging with Black communities and working with the impact of racism in therapy.



6th July 2019 – Rotimi Akinsete – This Book Could Help

Rotimi Akinsete founder of Black Men on the Couch and Associate Dean of Students at UAL, will be talking about his new book ‘This Book Could Help’ which is filled with straightforward expert advice and simple techniques to help shake off what other people say you ought to be, prioritise yourself, meet challenges and develop new strengths, in areas such as dealing with stress, motivation, work and life goals.

“Incredibly helpful” – ‘every man should have a copy’ – Colin Jackson, former Olympic athlete

”This book will save lives” – Elis & John, Radio X

”An essential read” – Levison Wood, author and explorer

Your body needs maintaining to keep it healthy. So does your mind.

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