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In this podcast I’m presenting a talk given at the 2014 BAATN Conference by Dennis Carney Dennis has been running courses around equality and diversity for the last 24 years with a focus on Black Gay and Bisexual men. He was the chair of the Black lesbian and Gay project back in the 80’s which was, and still is, the only Black Gay and Lesbian Centre in the history of the world. He also appeared in the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘Reggae, Trainers & Olympics which explored the role of dancehall music and homophobia and was also an official spokesperson for the Stop Murder Music Campaign. In his talk he looks at homophobia and it’s effects on the LGBT community and also the heterosexual community which is often the part of the community that gets ignored when looking at homophobia. He also looks at the effects of homophobia on Black and Asian LGBT communities. He brings our attention to the consensus statement on reparative therapy treatments put forward by the UK Council for Psychotherapy, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The British Psychological Society, The Royal College of Psychiatrists. Dennis invites us to find ways to challenge homophobia and assess our responsibility in this in terms of the personal and the political.

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