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BAATN Gathering

BAATN Mosaic Group for Multi-Heritage Diversity

This group is for students, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, therapists and group facilitators who have a combination of Black, African, Asian, White and/or Caribbean heritages.

Bi-monthly ⋅ Online


The BAATN Mosaic group offers open space for students, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, therapists and group facilitators who have a combination of Black, African, Asian, White and/or Caribbean heritage, who identify and work with cultural and racial diversity and the intersection of race, heritage and culture.

This group has emerged as a creative and evolving space to bring experience of embodying bi and multi racial identities.  Through, sharing experience, stories, dilemmas and social dreaming, we intend to bring a collective and creative holding space.


Karen Minikin and Janice Acquah



Read the Statement of Purpose for all our gatherings



Online meeting via Zoom

Zoom is free to download and use. For more information about Zoom click here.


10:30am – 1:00pm


9 September 2023 (online)

25 November 2023 (online)

20 January 2024 (online)

23 March 2024 (online)

6th April 2024 (online) * please note that this month’s gathering will take place from 2pm – 4.30pm.

25 May 2024 (online)

27 July 2024 (online)


Free to Psychological Therapist Members and Student Therapist Members.

** Please note that this Gathering is for BAATN members only.

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Booking Conditions

  • Bookings can be made any time up until 15 minutes before the event.
  • Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time.
  • If you have difficulty booking, email the events administrator
  • If an event is full, email the events administrator to go on the waiting list. If a place becomes available before 5 pm on the day before the event, priority will be given to those at the top of the waiting list.

Full payment will need to be made to guarantee a place.

Refund policy and other booking information

What delegates have said:

“A great group to connect with like minded practitioners to explore self and how one shows up in their practice with clients”

The group have provided support for the issues I have regarding being of mixed heritage. It has given me a sense of  ‘my community’. This helps me and my clients.”

Mosaic Group is a vital space for mixed therapists who haven’t ever had the chance to explore mixed identity away from the monoracial gaze. My duality really appreciates it!”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This group has been so empowering and contributed to me getting through my training”

A group that truly does what it says on the tin: a unique mix of peoples, with each of us being our own unique mix, coming together to explore any and everything that relates to the myriad experiences we share. A truly safe space.”

Join the Mosaic group if you can – an amazing insight into Multi Heritage richness”

The Mosaic Group has greatly contributed to my feeling able to get through the training”

Well worth attending to think about a range of experiences related to the internalised interface of different ethnicities”

Having spent most of my life not really engaging with my identity, and not feeling that I fit in anywhere, the Mosaic group space let me feel heard, and created a sense of belonging and community.”

“The Mosaic Group is an invaluable resource for a growing multiracial world, we are the future of this planet, embrace us”

I feel a need for this group as I have struggled to fit into any group. I’ve explored the many reasons for this, and all were relevant. What I hadn’t explored was my sense of self, being born into a duel heritage background. Sitting with this inner conflict, which meant betrayal.”

“I find it difficult to describe the feeling of being part of this group. It’s of some profundity, something very important took place for me and it seems to me that for others in the group too. I already started experiencing healing on a deep level and I’m looking forward to further meetings.”


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