The Midlands Lead Team aims to create environments that support the therapy profession to work with the impact of race on identity and mental health. The Team are based in Birmingham.

The team are Aneet Kaur, Edieneh Spence, Jill Morgan and Ian Thompson

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Edieneh Spence from the Midlands Team speaks on The Sista CollectivePodcast – Episode: The black Superwoman

“Every superwoman has her kryptonite”

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Presentations for Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes

The Midlands team have presented seminars to the University of Warwick and Newman University – Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes. The seminars have been an “Introduction to BAATN and Working with Black Issues” and “Key Concepts of Race, Oppression, Discrimination and Power” 

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Events in the Midlands

Events will include open events that anyone in the psychological helping professions can attend (Open Practitioner Events) and events that are just for people of colour (BAATN Practitioner Events).

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Due to the coronavirus, events will be online as listed below:


Focus Group Research "At the historical juncture where COVID-19 met Black Lives Matter, how has online therapy influenced same-race therapeutic systems for Black therapists?"

Focus Group Research "At the historical juncture where COVID-19 met Black Lives Matter, how has online therapy influenced same-race therapeutic systems for Black therapists?"

Sat 26th March or Sat 2nd April 2022

Time:  2.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue:  Online via Zoom

Booking Links: Saturday 26th March 2022 or Saturday 2nd April 2022 – Ensure you scroll all the way down the page to book.
Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Online via Zoom
Cost: Free to BAATN Members, Student Members

Focus of the group

The repositioning of the camera, arguably from the beating of Rodney King to the death of George Floyd, seems to have established the camera lens as a tool that can capture social injustice, and galvanise awareness and actions to challenge structural racism. Online therapy is arguably an extension of society’s changing relationship with ubiquitous technologies of camera and screen; and in turn may have contributed to a broadening of the parameters of what a clinical setting should look like.  There is currently limited research on online working specifically involving Black Minority-Ethnic therapists and clients, located within a British context.

The group will consider:

  • Black therapists’ experiences of engaging with online therapy in a same-race, adult, therapeutic system at a time of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter (i.e., between 2020 – 2022).
  • Relationships with the screen in online working, its role and influence in same-race therapeutic relationships for Black therapists.
  • The talking in the group. The relevance of group dynamics, patterning, and themes to broader social and historical processes.

Ideas discussed within the group will form part of a dissertation study written by Jill, that seeks to contribute to a broadening of the conversation about online therapeutic outcomes in the context of race. The group will be a maximum of 6 participants.

Participant profile:

  • Participants will need to be Black (of African descent) counsellors and psychotherapists (trainee and qualified), working within a UK therapy, professional, context.
  • It is preferable that participants will have previously attended a BAATN gathering or seminar and/or be familiar with having group conversations about race.


This workshop will be recorded, and audio transcribed. 

  • The group activity will form part of a professional, therapeutic research component of the MA in Systemic Psychotherapy being completed by the facilitator, Jill Morgan at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Participants are reminded to only bring items for discussion, that they feel comfortable being recorded and transcribed. Any information used in the dissertation will be anonymised. The recording and transcription will be held securely on an encrypting device.  The file will be destroyed on completion of the dissertation.
  • The transcript and analysis will be available to participants to read and comment on should they wish to do so. A copy of the dissertation will be provided to participants.
  • Participants will be invited to a group workshop to discuss the dissertation findings in the Summer or Autumn of 2022.  Participants will be kept up to date on this via the facilitator and BAATN.

Participants agree to their email address being given to Jill Morgan for the purposes of sending participants relevant information related to this focus group only.

The facilitator

Jill Morgan is an accredited Humanistic Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Systemic Practitioner and Trainer. Prior to becoming a clinician, Jill academically specialised in post-colonial studies; developing a particular interest in hybridity, migration, and diaspora. Themes of insider-outsider, working with(in) the interstice and supporting those that skirt the margins of society, continue to be common elements to her work.

Currently, Jill works with a small caseload of clients affected by journeys of refuge, asylum, separation and trafficking; and in private practice in Birmingham, supporting clients with a diverse range of stories.  Jill finds supporting clients affected by anxiety and trauma to develop second-order change: where they begin to relate to their symptoms differently – reflexive, not immersed – is an area of work that Jill finds rewarding.



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