The Midlands Lead Team aims to create environments that support the therapy profession to work with the impact of race on identity and mental health. The Team are based in Birmingham.

The team are Aneet Kaur, Edieneh Spence, Jill Morgan and Ian Thompson

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Edieneh Spence from the Midlands Team speaks on The Sista CollectivePodcast – Episode: The black Superwoman

“Every superwoman has her kryptonite”

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Presentations for Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes

The Midlands team have presented seminars to the University of Warwick and Newman University – Counselling and Psychotherapy programmes. The seminars have been an “Introduction to BAATN and Working with Black Issues” and “Key Concepts of Race, Oppression, Discrimination and Power” 

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Events in the Midlands

Events will be taking place every month and include open events that anyone in the psychological helping professions can attend (Open Practitioner Events) and events that are just for people of colour (BAATN Practitioner Events).

Due to the coronavirus, events will be online as listed below:


BAATN Midlands Reading Group

BAATN Midlands Reading Group

Dates to be announced

Each quarter BAATN Midlands will hold a Reading Group featuring a book relevant to the themes of race and racism. In the Reading Group we will discuss the background of the authors; the sociopolitical contexts in which the book was written; discuss any points raised in the group and consider the book’s relevance to practice. The Reading Group will cover books that are fiction and non-fiction.

The BAATN Reading Group has been created for the practitioners amongst us that enjoy reading but find little space and time to immerse ourselves in the experiences of reading.

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Working with Refugees workshop

Working with Refugees workshop

On-line - Dates to be announced


Facilitators: Jill Morgan and Vedia Maharaja


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