Asian Gatherings

This group is for practising Asian psychotherapists and counsellors. Asians of any descent and the Asian diaspora will be welcome.

This is a Closed Practitioner Event

These gatherings are a rare opportunity to explore ourselves as Asian practitioners in a free and safe space. The aim is to support a sense of our shared experience, give each other mutual support and inspire each other’s clinical practice. Students are also welcomed.

Online Via Zoom Dates:

04 September 2021
16 October 2021
13 November 2021
11 December 2021
8 January 2022
12 February 2022
12 March 2022

16 April 2022
14 May 2022
11 June 2022
9 July 2022
13 August 2022
10 September 2022
8 October 2022

The space is held by: Mehboob Dada and Sonia Vohra

To find out about the kinds of themes or topics under discussion, as well as projects that individual groups are in the process of undertaking at some of the other BAATN gatherings, please take a look here.

The idea of this group has been muted for many years, and was finally realised at the BAATN conference in April 2016.

While accepting the importance of the framework that BAATN provides, it is also beneficial to acknowledge the cultural and other differences that exist between ancestries rooted in Africa, the Caribbean and Asia. The Asian practitioner gatherings are an opportunity to both identify and reflect, but also develop and provide support to the network clinically.

Venue: The Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Avenue, London, N4 2HF Getting there

Time: 10:30 – 13:00

The group will a maximum of 20 people.

Why have Separate Groups for Black and Asian Therapists?

Comments from members

“The BAATN Asian Gatherings are always so nourishing to mind, body, and soul. I get so much from them, both personally and professionally. To have that safe, collaborative and co-supportive space is hugely valuable and helpful”

“I really enjoy attending Asian Therapy group, as I find the discussion very valuable, insightful and comforting to hear to my personal and professional clinical work as an Asian.”

This is a nourishing, challenging, and enabling experience in a safe space.

“Thank you to all participants – not least to Mehboob & Suhith – for the safety, usefulness &, I feel, the preponderant warmth & challenging authenticity of this meeting”

“Enough food for thought to keep you processing until the next gathering.”

“The group helps me reclaim and give a voice to this subjugated part of my identity”

“I thank members of the group – especially Mehboob & Suhith – & hope we can go forward together in what is proving for me a greatly instructive & increasingly necessary process.”

“What does it mean to be BOTH a black & Asian clinician in The UK? What does it mean to be EITHER a black OR Asian clinician in The UK? What changes MIGHT the above meanings undergo in an age of environmental decay & pandemic?”

“It’s important that a group like this exists where Asian people can come together and share our individual history and story of slavery, and where we can come to understand the psychological shackles of slavery and begin to free ourselves.”

“A supportive gathering. Nourishing Challenging and thought-provoking”

“I am deeply grateful for the BAATN Asian Gatherings and for the shared experiences, wisdom, and collaborative spirit of the groups’ attendees. The meetings provide a vital safe and reflective space in which we can explore and articulate what it is like to be a person, trainee, and/ or practitioner of colour living in the UK in such turbulent and troubling times.”

“The BAATN Asian Gatherings Group is an incredibly important part of my life and professional life, where I can share some challenging aspects of racism. I learn, feel valued, can engage fully, and give and receive support. There’s a profound meeting and understanding that happens for me in each group. . . I feel we are doing groundbreaking work together.”


These events are free for members of BAATN who are either therapists or counsellors, and are either qualified or in training. £10  for non-members.


  • You can book gatherings up until the day before the gathering at 5 pm
  • Only the next two upcoming dates will be open for registration at any one time.
  • If you have difficulty booking, you can email
  • If an event is full, email to go on the waiting list. If a place becomes available before 5pm on the day before the event, priority will be given to those at the top of the waiting list.
Mehboob Dada

Mehboob Dada

Mehboob Dada is BACP Registered and Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Mehboob also holds a PGCE and an MA in Health Promotion, Education and International Development from Goldsmiths and the Institute of Education, University of London.  Mehboob holds a Foundation in Group Analysis and Diploma in Group Analytical Supervision.

Mehboob has worked internationally in Asia, the Arab States, the Caribbean and Latin America, supporting drug users, asylum seekers, the homeless and traumatized individuals. Identity and belonging are areas of personal interest for Mehboob, who has worked with the European Union, UNESCO, the NHS and third sector organizations.

Mehboob also works for a homeless charity providing face to face counselling and group work among the residents. A skilled group conductor, Mehboob has since 2016 has been facilitating a group for Asian Counsellors and therapists as part of the Black, Asian and African Therapy Network (BAATN).

Sonia Vohra

Sonia Vohra

Sonia Vohra is an accredited integrative-relational psychotherapist working with individual adults in her private practice. The main focus of her practice is longer term analytical work. She has a special interest in working inter-culturally with people from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds.

Alongside her private practice, she works in a school in Newham providing shorter term therapy and support to parents and staff who cannot afford the privilege of private therapy or do not have access to this support. Many of the women have suffered domestic physical or emotional abuse and a large proportion of parents have children with learning difficulties.

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