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Windrush 75: Mental Health

Mental Health & Health Care

BBC article
What is Windrush and who are the Windrush generation?

Windrush: Departure, reunited and Mental Health. The BBC covers some of the challenges faced by those who came to Britian during the Windrush era.

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Example video

A E Romeo – The Home Office lost Mr Romeo’s lost passport and then tried to deport him – 5 mins 21 secs


Black Psychoanalysts Speak

In insightful film on race, diversity and mental health among the Melinated in psychoanalytic communities.

Link to video

Iciline Brown Windrush Generation Story video

Iciline Brown, the mother of Monica, Freddie, Noel and Philip, was refused a visa to re-enter the UK – She shares the journey to right that wrong.

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Gersham Brown & Family: The Leamington Years.

Gresham Brown – father of Monica, Freddie, Noel and Philip, Lorna, Gavin – a celebration of Gresham’s life and a description of their lives between 1964 and 1972.

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Article in The Voice Newspaper

Monica Brown’s mother was refused a UK visa twice before she and her family campaigned and took her story to the press. Now, she is highlighting the importance of the Windrush Generation

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Interview with Dr Elaine Arnold

Audrey James captures an insightful interview with Dr. Elaine Arnold and shines a light on Windrush and the cycle of broken attachment.

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Recommended reading: two books from Barbara Fletchman Smith exploring the impact of transgenerational trauma using a psychoanalytic view.

Transcending the Legacies of Slavery: A Psychoanalytic View. Published 2011







Mental Slavery: Psychoanalytic Studies of Caribbean People Published 2018
by Barbara Fletchman Smith



Black and British: A Forgotten History
By David Olusoga

Drawing on new genetic and genealogical research, original records, expert testimony and contemporary interviews, David Olusoga’s Black and British is a revealing exploration of the relationship between those from the British Ilse and those from the African continent.


Personal Reflections

Posts of personal reflections on Windrush

The invitation is to post comments and personal stories relating to Windrush, what it means for you, and how it lives on in the present in your family and community.

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