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Windrush 75: Art and Creativity

Art and Creativity

British Library: Windrush Stories 

Postcard of Empire Windrush purchased by Winston Levy whilst on board

Joanna Brown shares a short story entitled; ‘The Arrivants’, looking at those who arrived in June 1948 on the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, Essex. A registered charity that designs and delivers heritage projects, programmes and initiatives which highlight African and Caribbean peoples’ contributions to UK public services, the Arts, commerce, and other areas of socio-economic and cultural life in Britain.

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Sent by Fiona Beckford – A few of the members of the New Testament Church of God – Hammersmith in 1976





Sent in by Sharon Bond – “1962: The family car

Second to his family, this car was my dad’s pride and joy. We were a large family, and in the absence of the people carriers we now have, Dad had to find a way to enable us to travel as a family. A large car gave him room to put in extra seating.

The car, an Armstrong Siddley, was black when he bought it, but Daddy had the lower panel spray-painted green. It also became the wedding car for nieces, cousins and close friends.”





Victoria McPherson taking a picture in front of her Windrush Commendation. The picture behind her is the family photo of her first born son Lloyd McPherson and her last daughter Hyacinth McPherson. Victoria had 8 children.







Victoria McPherson and her gran daughter Angela Mendez at the museum with Museum curator Mary Miah looking at her family items placed in a display cabinet for the Windrush Celebration. The Panama hat and the black and white shoes shown in the pictures are items her husband, Mr Othneil MacPherson wore when coming to England in 1961
















Victoria McPherson and grand daughter Angela Mendez with visitors at the Luton Museum opening. The event with Victoria’s family photo and commemoration frame.

Painting by Mr Norman Clarke. He arrived in Britian in 1966 and held several exhibitions across the UK between 1972 and 1976. This piece was painted in 1976 and shared with us courtesy of his daughter Paula Clarke-Little.

Can you remember the 50s 60s, then see this video – Jamaican Poetry to make you laugh

A Jamaican poet, spoken in front of a live audience, captures the essence of a new life for many making the trip from the Caribbean to the UK.

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Personal Reflections

Posts of personal reflections on Windrush

The invitation is to post comments and personal stories relating to Windrush, what it means for you, and how it lives on in the present in your family and community.

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