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Windrush 75: Accomodation


Sent by Sharon Bond – 1952— Living Accommodation

“This is a picture of my mum and dad in their rented room in Hackney. The usual living accommodation at that time was a room with access to a shared kitchen and
toilet. No bathroom. My parents, like many others, would go to a public bath once a week.

By 1956, when I arrived in England with my sister, my parents owned their home with a
bathroom. I did not have to go to a public bath to bathe. Public baths were still in use in the late 60s-70s. I was curious to know what it was like to use one, so when I was older, I asked my mum to take me. I learned that I had to tip the woman in charge of the hot water to get sufficient hot water, which I then mixed with cold water. Going just the once was enough for me”


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