BAATN Videos

A selection of videos from BAATN conferences, the Black men on the Couch Series and others

Black Men on the Couch: Conversations during lock-down

Rotimi Akinsete asks a series of brothers about their reflections on all that’s been happening around black deaths under Covid and George Floyd’s murder.

WITNESSING THE WOUND – Conference 2018 video presentation

The impact on relationships between Africans, South Asians and Caribbeans as a result of African slavery (colonisation), the rule of the British Raj (British Rule), indentured slavery from India to the Caribbean and Africa and the upheaval after partition in India was incalculable. The loss of life and the brutality inflicted as part of these events forced us to embody fear in order to survive in a world that offered little value to our lives, little mercy on our souls and precious little interest in listening to our pain.


This video was central to the BAATN 2018 conference which gave voice to how these acts of terror have shaped the relationships between us and our inner realities and offered a space for us to witness the wounds.

28 mins 42 sec

Shadism montage video – BAATN Conference 2015

The personal vs. the media driven reinforcement of shadism, where what’s encouraged are ideas about power and status based on one’s whiteness or the whiteness of one’s children, is truly alive and kicking in wider society and in our own homes.

23.5 mins

Black Men On The Couch – 23 January 2020

Attended by hundreds of people, Artistic Director at The Young Vic, Honorary Fellow and former UAL Chancellor, Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE was invited onto the couch. Kwame discussed a range of topics including his childhood experiences, growing up in Britain in the 1980s and the inspiring reason behind his name change. Hosted by Associate Dean of Students (Wellbeing and Inclusion), Rotimi Akinsete.

1hrs 25mins

Black Men On The Couch – 12 May 2012

Yet another sell-out event in the series BMC took place at RADA with guests Ashley Walters (Hustle, Top Boy, Inside Men) and Stuart Lawrence (brother of Stephen Lawrence).

2hrs 18mins

Black Men On The Couch – 1 December 2011

This event was the second in the series aiming to change the status quo surrounding counselling and psychotherapy.

Therapists, Rotimi Akinsete and Eugene Ellis were in conversation with David Lammy (MP for Tottenham) and Benjamin Zephaniah (poet, novelist and playwright) about their challenges, successes and their views on the value of talking therapies.

2hrs 06 mins

Black Men on the Couch – 31 July 2011

Project 20:20 Black men on the couch is a series of events aiming to change the status quo surrounding counselling and psychotherapy and open it up to those who would previously have never considered it, either for themselves or as a profession.

At this event a therapist is in conversation with Lemn Sissay (poet) about his challenges, successes and views on the value of talking therapies.

2hr 06 mins

BAATN Student Support Group Experiences

Counselling and Psychotherapy Students of African, Caribbean and South Asian Heritage talk about their experiences of being on their training courses and also being part of the student support groups run by the Black and Asian Therapist Network.

30.5 mins

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