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Lydia Puricellii


Lydia Puricelli (aka Conscious Culture Coach) is an Anti-racist integrative transpersonal transcultural trainee psychotherapist, coach, social justice activist, speaker, writer, author and trainer.

She focuses on the unique challenges Black & People of Colour as well as other marginalised groups face in training institutions and the workplace. She also specializes in treating the Mental Health and Wellbeing of B&POC and LGBTQIA+ communities through Frontline therapy and Opening Doors London. Where she works as counsellor and advisor.

Lydia is one of the Master graduates under Dr. Isha McKenzie-Mavinga delivering anti-racist training to therapists through BAATN on “The challenge of racism in therapy’. She also chairs the Student of Colour and Allies Network at the Centre of Counselling and Psychotherapy Education where she works support students of colour in their training and challenge the institution on their oppressive teaching practices and curriculum.

Lydia features in the book Therapy In Colour, Intersectional, Anti-racist and intercultural approaches by Therapists of Colour.

Lydia has led and launched employee affinity networks for marginalised groups across global organisations including Investec, Fidelity and InterInvest – where she leads on Racial Equity in the Investment Industry.


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