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Liz Mitchell


Liz Mitchell MA, PGDip, QTS, NPQML

Liz Mitchell is a Relational Psychotherapist with over 25 years’ experience working alongside communities and organisations that strive to not only challenge racism but promote social justice. Liz completed her integrative BACP Accredited training in counselling and psychotherapy after having spent sixteen years working pastorally and as a teacher, in secondary and specialist education settings. Liz identifies as a member of the Global Majority who was born and raised in a country that deems her a minority. Whilst acknowledging her ‘British West-Indian’ roots, Liz is always keen to continue the African-Caribbean narrative and dual designation, one that she recalls ‘disappeared’ from the UK ethnicity options. Her experiences of racism began as a young child and the multiple labels associated with her identity, helped Liz forge an interest in the challenge of racism in therapeutic practice and especially, with ‘ancestral baggage’, ‘recognition trauma’, and ‘internalised racism’.

The Black Empathic Approach underlies Liz’s psychotherapeutic foundation along with interests in neurodiversity, spirituality, well-being, dreams, and matters surrounding bereavement and the end of life. Liz currently practices in both a mainstream and private setting, is a member of BAATN, the BACP and the ACC. Liz is also a lover of nature, the outdoors and enjoys growing food.

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