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Jill Morgan

Jill Morgan

Facilitator, Trainer

Jill Morgan is Systemic and Family Psychotherapist (Family Therapist), Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Trainer.  Prior to becoming a clinician, Jill academically focused on post-colonial studies; developing a particular interest in hybridity, migration and diaspora. Recent research interests include understanding how Black racial consonance in psychotherapy is influenced by relationship to the screen in online working. Themes of insider-outsider, working with(in) the interstice and supporting those that skirt the margins of society, continue to be common elements to her work.

Currently, Jill works with a small caseload of clients affected by journeys of refuge, asylum, trafficking and FGM. She also works in a young people’s inpatient, eating disorders setting and in private practice in Birmingham, supporting clients with a diverse range of stories.

Jill finds meaningfulness in supporting clients affected by systems of oppression to consider ‘second-order’ ideas:  reflexive ’tuning in’ to the influence of social inequity and justice on the problems experienced.

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