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Image of Jasminder Bahia

Jasminder Bahia


Jasminder is a Chartered Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor, trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and an EMDR practitioner. With over 20 years of experience in psychology and yoga and a student of Zen for over 15 years, she offers a full mind-body approach to her work, integrating psychological research and traditional and contemporary yoga techniques.

As a skilled Yoga teacher trainer and Director of Bahia Yoga, Jasminder is committed to promoting healing and well-being for all individuals and incorporates anti-racist practices into her teaching. Jasminder believes in the importance of a holistic approach to mental health, which includes meditation, breathwork, and rest. She is passionate about promoting mental health awareness and accessibility within global majority communities and works closely with Nottingham Refugee Week.

Jasminder is based in Nottingham and looks forward to sharing her expertise and learning from others who share her commitment to anti-racism, inclusivity, and promoting mental health awareness within marginalised communities.

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