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Georgina James


(BA Hons. Psychology and Law, PGDip Integrative Counselling) 

Georgina is an integrative counsellor with over twenty years’ experience working with adults and children in private practice, voluntary agencies and education. Her work covers, among other things, bereavement, trauma, self-harm and relationship issues. Prior to counselling, Georgina worked in special needs housing projects for woman’s aid, the homeless, and psychiatric rehabilitation. 

Georgina is of mixed heritage—her parents are from different parts of Nigeria—and she speaks two Nigerian languages, Yoruba, from her father and Efik from her mother. Growing up in a compound living with people from different cultural backgrounds prepared her to live with, understand, and value cultural differences. Georgina integrates transcultural counselling into her work and uses the language and knowledge of the culture when this helps. She arrived in England aged 14 and was immediately made aware of her difference. 

Georgina has worked providing counselling and psychotherapy with children in primary and secondary schools. Prior to this Georgina worked at the Camden Listening and Counselling Service, which provided drop-in counselling services and was at the forefront of developing and delivering the SHASPI (Self Harm and Suicide Prevention Initiative) programme. 

Georgina is  BACP registered psychotherapist, a member of the British Association of Christians in Psychology (BACiP) and the Black African Asian Therapy Network (BAATN) 

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