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Fiona A. Beckford


Fiona A. Beckford is an Integrative psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, a writer, mentor and educator. Having worked therapeutically in the UK for the past 25 years within the NHS CAMHS and Child Psychology Department, 11 years in higher education, 13 years with the EAP service Care First and in private practice, she now works for an NGO in Lusaka, Zambia. Through her website, Fiona continues her work with clients from diverse heritage groups, who wish to explore the question; “Who am I?” and enjoys helping them discover themselves so they find peace with who they actually are.

Fiona is dedicated in her support of parents with young children with challenging behaviour (aged 3-9yrs) particularly where it is believed displayed behaviour resembles those with ASD or ASD traits. She enjoys helping them improve how they communicate with their child, so they can enjoy their children; not endure them.

Fiona is passionate about addressing racial inequalities, particularly in the workplace, whether that’s in corporate settings or therapeutic institutions. She also enjoys offering her Reverse Mentoring programme to less melanated SLT members, as educating and changing the lives of melanated people for the better, lies at the heart of the work Fiona does. She enjoys writing and recently contributed a chapter to the book entitled; ‘Black Identities & White Therapies’ by Divine Charura and Colin Lago, which explores different ways for White tutors in training settings to better connect with melanated students.

Fiona co-facilitated a workshop at the 20th Anniversary conference for BAATN in April 2023, which explored the Windrush era and what it meant to many attendee’s. She went on to lead a team which completed a brand new resource on BAANT’s website, celebrating the 75 years of Windrush, in conjunction with the British National Archive.

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