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Dr Yansie Rolston

Conference Speaker

Dr Yansie Rolston has a depth of experience and expertise in health equality development, and providing technical expertise to various levels of government, business, civil society and international agencies.

As a skilled trainer and facilitator, she creates, affects and sustains change across Europe, Africa, America and the Caribbean by designing, implementing and evaluating health equality strategies for marginalised communities. She is a researcher using findings to co-create evidence based approaches to tackling inequalities, and more recently has been involved in Reimagining social prescribing for Black and racially minoritized communities; Rapid Review of Covid19 on people with protected characteristics; Participatory Action research on Black mental health services; and Menopause in Black and racially and gendered minority communities.

She has co-created and delivered culturally competent mental health first response training to medical professionals, prison officers, and support workers in the Caribbean and worked with mainstream organisations and healthcare professionals to update health care resources including Q&As, information sheets, websites and training manuals with inclusive wording and cultural contexts.

Yansie facilitates immersive bereavement workshops on culturally appropriate palliative/end of life care around specific cultural values, practices and beliefs and is the founder of advocating for diversity and inclusion in the menopause eco-system. She is the executive producer of 4 menopause documentary films -Our Menopause -the Black Woman; Queer & Menopausal; Migrant Women – periods and cycles in transition; and Afro Brazilians and African Voices: Menopause Journeys. She is the co-editor of Black & Menopausal-intimate stories of navigating the change; and her chapter Peep Inside the Menopause Vulva features in More Than Talk. She is the executive producer of Our Grief – a documentary on the intersections of Black women’s grief, and set up and manages a platform that provides wellbeing support for Black young people.

Yansie is a trustee at Future Men, and the Fathers Development Foundation

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