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Image of Beth Collier sitting by a tree

Beth Collier

Conference Speaker

Beth Collier, MA, MBACP, is a Nature Allied Psychotherapist and ethnographer, teaching woodland living skills and natural history.

Beth grew up rurally, on a smallholding, immersed in nature. Her work explores interpersonal relationships between people and nature.

As a therapist, Beth works exclusively in natural settings and has developed Nature Allied Psychotherapy as a modality for an ongoing client practice, working relationally at depth in allegiance with nature to explore our relationship with the natural world as well as exploring our human social relationships.

Beth specialises in working with relational trauma in our connections with people and with nature. She provides professional training for psychotherapists and well-being professionals through the Nature Therapy School.  Her upcoming book, Nature Allied Psychotherapy: Exploring Relationships with Self, Others and Nature will be published by Routledge.

Beth is founder/Director of Wild in the City, an organisation supporting the well-being of people of colour through connection with nature, offering experiences in woodland living skills, natural history, hiking and ecotherapy; using the skills of our ancestors to nurture a deeper connection with the natural world and a sense of belonging to communities past and present.

As a naturalist, her work aims to reignite the oral tradition for learning about nature within families and challenges racism within the environmental sector. As a researcher, her ethnography has documented people of colour’s relationship with nature in the UK, the development of cultures which shun nature and white attitudes towards black presence in green spaces.

Beth’s practice has been featured in BBC Cities, Nature’s New Wild, Ep3 Outcasts, BBC Countryfile and Therapy for Black Girls. Her writing has been published by The Ecologist, Runnymede Trust, Media Diversified, Blavity and Nesta.

She is a Fellow of the National Association for Environmental Education and is a member of Natural England’s Nature Recovery Network Management Group.

Beth was a conference speaker at the October 2022 BAATN conference

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