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Aneet Kaur


Aneet Kaur is an Integrative Counsellor working in Birmingham.

How the human mind works fascinates me. It led me to study psychology as an undergraduate at the University of Bedfordshire and then into an early career working in mental health services across Wiltshire, Avon and Somerset. This experience inspired me to further my training, and in 2012, I qualified as a counsellor.

Since qualification, I’ve worked for the NHS, public sector organisations, charities, colleges, and schools. I’ve provided counselling to individuals going through cancer treatment, young people struggling with self-esteem, individuals suffering with depression, cultural issues, recovery from head injuries, and stress and anxiety on a whole range of scales.

Seeing what a huge difference counselling makes to people’s lives, in so many ways, inspired me. But I was also frustrated by the lack of support for some communities and cultures. For people in the thick of a breakdown or struggling with depression, it can feel like there’s nowhere to go. This is what led me to set up my private practice.

Aneet is a member of the South Asian Diaspora Coordinating Group.

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