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Intro Certificate – Course Outline & Requirments


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About the Course

The course is a thirty-six-hour (in-person) counselling skills certificate. Specifically, the focus is on gaining competence in working with people with a legacy of European domination, such as slavery and colonialism, primarily within the British context. 

The main sessions are in-person, with tutorials and self-reflection groups taking place online. Much of the learning is in small groups, and there is an emphasis on students, where appropriate, sharing and reflecting on their own experiences. 

Each session will be made up of three parts: theory, practice and self-development. In the theory seminar, you will learn about counselling skills and some key ideas in counselling theory. In the practice section, you will divide into small groups where you will practice these skills, usually with one person in the role of listener, one as a client and one or two as observers to give feedback. For personal development, there will be what is called an experiential group. This is an opportunity to explore your own response to the course, your interactions with other people and, where appropriate, the process of the group itself. This learning process can happen at any point in the workshop, but the experiential group is a place where this can be explored in more depth.

We strive to make our course materials and teaching methods inclusive and accessible to all learners, including those with different learning styles and neurodiverse needs.


    Basic Structure

    • 36hrs in total that will include theory of counselling, legacy and dynamics of oppression, group process, basic listening skills and practice
    • Complete a weekly reflective journal and an individual presentation


    • Weekly reflective learning journals
    • An individual student presentation
    • A final reflective tutorial


    To receive a certificate of learning, students must meet the following requirements: attend at least 80% of the course sessions, complete a reflective journal, give an individual presentation, and demonstrate evidence of taking a psychological journey through the training course.

    Students who have not met the criteria above will receive a letter of attendance only at the end of the course.


    TA East London Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute – London E10 5NP – 5 mins from Leyton Tube


    How many students are in a class?

    We aim to have around 16 students in the class.

    What level of English do I need to study on the course?

    Students must be competent in the English language; [we normally require Grade C GCSE or an equivalent qualification]. If English is not your first language, you will need to demonstrate a capacity to study in English.

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