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Therapists Challenging Racism and Oppression: The unheard voices

 Author: Neelam Zahid (Editor), Rachel Cooke (Editor)  Category: All books, Therapy Books  Publisher: PCCS Books  Published: June 19, 2023  Pages: 354  Language: English
This is a book about racism and its intersections with other forms of oppression within the talking therapies, told from the therapist’s perspective. Inside are powerful, first-person accounts of the often traumatising silencing of counsellors of colour within, and by, their own profession. These are searingly honest and rarely detailed stories of practitioners being shamed, excluded, violated, rendered invisible and deeply wounded by their experiences in training and in practice. But they are also stories of strength, courage, resourcefulness and growth. Some therapists may find deep recognition and affirmation in these accounts, as well as hope and healing. Others may better understand how their own fragility and bias have led them to similar behaviours and harmful mistakes. The book compellingly captures the nuances and fractures of racial and intersectional trauma and illustrates many of the damaging ways that conscious and unconscious ideas of race, and other aspects of personhood, are still woven into society. This is an essential read that brings together personal, psychological, societal and political insights to better imagine and further the discourse around what might facilitate meaningful change.

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