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Living While Black: The Essential Guide to Overcoming Racial Trauma

 Author: Guilaine Kinouani  Category: All books, Therapy Books  Publisher: Ebury Press  Published: June 3, 2021  ISBN: 978-1529109436  Pages: 256  Language: English  Dimension: 13.5 x 1.9 x 21.6 cm

The boldest book on Blackness I have read. The writing is revelatory, necessary and brilliant. I haven’t felt this seen by a text before ― Candice Carty-Williams, Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘Queenie’

An unflinching examination of the daily assaults of anti-Blackness weathering Black bodies, hearts, and minds. With clarity and compassion, Guilaine Kinouani testifies to realities the mental health system has long ignored and denied. This is a must-read for all who profess to be trained in and care about healing ― Robin DiAngelo, New York Times bestselling author of ‘White Fragility’

Living While Black ruptures and breaks the silences around [racial] harms and is the offering of a cathartic release to speak the pain many of us may have been told is unspeakable. For those that are in need of a companion, even a friend that can support you in validating your experiences, this book is able to offer exactly that ― gal-dem

Living While Black is a powerful wake-up call for Black people interested in learning about self-identity and mental well-being. It also offers important resources for white allies ― Patrick Vernon OBE, co-author of ‘100 Great Black Britons’

vital resource and powerful book – an unmissable read for everyone ― Julia Samuel, Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘This Too Shall Pass’ and ‘Grief Works’

An incisive and important book that will change the way you think ― Nikesh Shukla, editor of ‘The Good Immigrant’ and author of ‘Brown Baby’

When it comes to Guilaine Kinouani, I look forward to nothing short of brilliance. However, I couldn’t have been prepared for this stunning piece of work that Guilaine has blessed myself and the world with. This will be a book that I read, recommend and refer to for years to come ― Kelechi Okafor, host of ‘Say Your Mind’ podcast

Guilaine Kinouani’s book both expands and strengthens current narratives on race … There is honest, razor-sharp, and unrelenting description of, for example, the relationship between white women and black women – seldom written about and barely approached in any discourse around feminism or psychology …There are precious stones to be discovered in these pages – materials, tools, reflections. But for me it is so much more than this … Kinouani’s searing commentary reminds us just how little black lives have mattered in the history of counselling and psychology … A fascinating and impressive book that stands witness to what it is like to ‘live while Black’ ― The Psychologist

Every feeling I’ve experienced as a Black woman navigating my way through this racist world was articulated here. Texts on race often just expose trauma. The beauty of this was she also offered solutions. This book felt like The Ancestors had enveloped me in a huge hug, whispered in my ear and gave me the strength to just keep going ― Ava Vidal

This powerful and timely book is an essential read for everyone with the very real potential to save Black lives ― Temi Mwale, Founder, The 4Front

Living While Black, with its radical foundations and extensive content, is groundbreaking in nature. It’s not about merely surviving racism, it’s about thriving in spite of it … [it is] like validation for all that I have felt, reassurance that racial trauma is not only real but incredibly harmful, and also hope for the future. ― Bad Form Review

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