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Internal Racism: A Psychoanalytic Approach to Race and Difference

 Author: M. Fakhry Davids  Category: All books, Therapy Books  Publisher: Red Globe Press  Published: June 21, 2011  ISBN: 978-0299169244  Pages: 272  Language: English  Dimension: 13.97 x 1.45 x 21.59 cm

Racism’s external forms, from racial assault to petty discrimination, are readily recognized. However, its internal dimensions are easily overlooked: how can we understand what happens in the mind of those engaged in or experiencing racism?

This book explores the inner relationship between the self and the socially stereotyped – ‘racial’ – other, providing a clinically derived model of how racist dynamics play out in the mind. Presenting an original theory of the psychology of racism, it:
– Reviews and analyses the existing literature on racism and psychoanalysis, including an extensive study of Frantz Fanon’s psychological model
– Presents new, in-depth clinical observations of racist interchanges in the consulting room and group settings, and new perspectives on such interchanges in the outside world
– Theorizes the way in which the race/class divide is internalized and operates, and considers the relationship between individual and institutional racism
– Illustrates how racism can be addressed in group and individual settings

Arguing that we cannot work with problems of racism without understanding the inner processes that underpin it, this book is an indispensable tool for trainee and experienced psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and counsellors. Its formulations are directly relevant to professionals and academics working across the boundaries of race in health, medical and social service settings.

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