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Inner Life Writes

 Author: Denise James  Category: All books, General Reading  Published: April 14, 2023  ISBN: 1914447670  Pages: 306  Language: English

Inner Life Writes: A Manifesto for Re-Connecting to love, Re-Newing Your Mind and Radiating Your Light:

This book shines a much-needed light on this world’s current dark night of the soul, and its Inner Light guides us into new life-affirming behaviours and mindsets. The author addresses the human condition from the root up, and encourages new ways of being, seeing, living, and loving that will lead to true and lasting change.

The overarching message of Inner Life Writes is that we all can make a difference and that “unprecedented” doesn’t have to mean bad, only that it is time for a paradigm shift to a more Humane and Just world. 

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