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Hungry for Love

 Author: Yvonne J Douglas  Category: All books, General Reading  Publisher: Tamare House  Published: October 17, 2013  ISBN: 978-1908552105  Pages: 316  Language: English  Dimension: 14 x 1.68 x 21.6 cm
Yvonne lives in constant fear and finds it complicated to make sense of her world. Always fearful and bewildered by the experience that make life so difficult for her to comprehend Yvonne develops an obsession for food and a characteristic sense of humour. Unconscious to what’s lurking around the corner, following her every move, she becomes oblivious to her true emotions but always knowing there is something deep within that tells her she is not truly happy.
When Yvonne’s first marriage fails she simultaneously ventures into the world leaving behind the security of the religion and her extended family. However, she puts on a brave face and starts to enjoy her freedom. She develops a rebellious spirit alongside several addictions and seeks love in all the wrong places. Courageous as this may seem anxiety comes knocking again louder than ever before as she starts to uncover her issues one by one then embarks on her journey of self discovery, one that challenges the very essence of who she believes she is…

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