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Black Masculinities and Schooling: How Black Boys Survive Modern Schooling

 Author: Tony Sewell  Category: All books, General Reading  Publisher: Trentham Books Ltd  Published: September 1, 1997  ISBN: 978-1858560403  Pages: 231  Language: English  Dimension: 15.24 x 1.91 x 23.5 cm

The author’s ethnographic study of an inner city boys’ comprehensive school reveals the positioning of Afro-Caribbean students by their teachers, peers and white students. School standards, along with the influence of the music/fashion culture outside of school, have led some boys to reappropriate sexist and racist perceptions of black masculinity. The influence of these multiple pressures on a sample group of Afro-Caribbean boys is the focus of this book. This focus can provide an understanding of the complex, contextual and shifting sites that we call ‘school’ and argues for more sophisticated notions of pluralism.

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