Urban Narratives and The Humane Voice

Poetic narratives/spoken word, engaging conversations

 Join Annette (annz), along with world class guest speakers, as she launches her recent publications ‘Urban Narratives’ and ‘The Humane Voice

13th December 2019 – London N7 – 7pm till 9pm – Free event

Both books capture Annette Watson’s professional journey as a psychotherapist. Despite successful client and student outcomes in her clinical work where she gained a reputation for her level of practice and theoretical insight, Annette struggled for acceptance in the black community as a mental health professional.   

Following several years of attempting to collaborate with her community and promote psychological awareness, Annette, on the verge of giving up, was encouraged to continue when students urged her to reveal her creative voice to the community and the community began to listen.

Annette shares (in her books) what emerged from the projects with her community through raw poetic narratives and key moments of expression to convey the difficulties and triumph.

Join Annette and friends in what promises to be an informative, relaxed and enjoyable evening, as we invite you to experience Contemporary Psychotherapy.




Annette Watson is a Psychotherapist, Child & Young People Counsellor, Educator and Author of the ‘Black Verses’, a contemporary mental health book exploring the psychological diversity of the black community, which grew into a series of short books;

  • Urban Narratives (an ensemble of poems taken from the Black Verses).
  • The Humane Voice (birth of the co-therapist).
  • I am… black man (Black men do talk)
  • The troubled therapist (on becoming the good enough therapist)
  • Changing face of the Black Woman (whatever happened to the Black woman)

Following years of study, Annette integrated her creative side into her work to ensure that psychotherapy/counselling is a space that clients not only experience life changing outcomes, but they look forward to attending. 

Annette’s creative approach to psychology engages people who would not normally access psychological services. She was given the name “urban psychotherapist” by participants in her community research project, due to her ability to connect psychologically to people from different backgrounds. 

Annette is recognized within the NHS and other leading mental health organisations as a knowledgeable, skilled and down to earth practitioner, who delivers effective psychological interventions (short and long term). She is delivering patient assessments and her own style of creative/cognitive therapeutic interventions to young people/students in an exciting community project. She believes that just as we access the gym for our bodies, counselling and psychotherapy enhances the mind.

Time: 19:00-21:00
Venues: North London Group Therapy, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA
Cost: Free – Donations for EOTO Mentoring Project


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