Information about Therapy

“You can’t remake the world, without remaking yourself. Each new era begins within. It is an inward event, with unsuspected possibilities, for inner liberation.”

From Mental Fight by Ben Okri

Looking at your mental heath does not mean that your whole life is broken. You might be really OK in many areas of your life but there’s that grey area that you have been avoiding or putting up with that still interferes with living life the way you want.

There is effective therapeutic work being done with all types of Black, African and Asian people (including professional men and women), people struggling with work issues, people who feel life is going nowhere, professional couples working on their relationships, people who feel that they are ready for a change in their lives and also those with serious mental health struggles.

Making a decision to see a therapist is a big step for many people. Acknowledging that you are suffering and vulnerable, and arriving at the point where you are ready to do something about it, is a journey in itself. Whilst it isn’t a counsellor’s job to provide specific answers, a counsellor will help you keep your focus on the important aspects of your situation.

On the one hand, it might feel uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger about things that are distressing or even embarrassing. On the other, it can be much easier to speak to someone you do not know; someone that will not judge you and who has no expectations of you.

Not every therapist is going to be qualified to provide the support for your particular issue nor is there going to be a “meeting of minds” with every therapist who might have the qualifications. Therapy is a very personal experience and you must have faith in your therapist’s abilities. If you’re worried about the intensity of your feelings or thoughts, then don’t be. Whatever you say, your therapist most likely won’t be shocked.

What Therapy can help with

Here are some of the issues that psychotherapists and counsellors can help you address.
Addictions/Alcohol Mind
Anger Mind
Anxiety/stress Mind
Depression Mental Health Foundation / Mind / Sane
Disabilities Mind
Domestic Violence Southall Souls sisters
Eating Disorders Mental health foundation
Grief & Loss Mind
Hearing Voices Mental Health Foundation
Identity GoodTherapy
Mental Illness Mind
Obsessions Sane
Phobias Mind
Relationships Mind
Self esteem Mind
Sex and Sexuality Mind
Sexual abuse Mind
Stress Mental Health Foundation

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