Therapists Connect

BAATN provides healing and learning spaces for therapist and others in the helping professions. Through these types of connections, rather than separation and isolation, there is a liberation of energy and passion with which to pursue our ideals. There is also the development of an internal sense of safety with which to meet the many oppressions out there in the world.

There are:

Therapist Connect Gatherings, that bring together Black, African, Asian and Caribbean therapy professionals and others in the helping professions for mutual support and inspiration. There are also gatherings for students to support them through their journey of training to become a therapist. These gatherings are free to members.

Therapist Connect Training and Forums that provide professional skills development for all across the therapy profession, regardless of background.

Gathering, Training and Forum facilitators are qualified psychotherapists, counsellors or psychologists who have signed up to BAATN’s Core Values and Beliefs statement.

Therapist Connect Gatherings

These events are for practitioners of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean heritage. They are process spaces in which we can develop our voice, connect with who we are as individuals and stay connected with what is important to us personally and as a group.

Therapist Connect Trainings and Forums

These Training events and Forums are open to everyone from the psychotherapy profession, regardless of background, to support them and their institutions with how to make therapy more accessible and more able to meet the therapeutic needs of people from Black, African, Asian and Caribbean backgrounds.

Student Gatherings and Mentoring

Support for those of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean heritage entering the therapy profession.

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