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Author: Denise James

Passion, Patterns plays,  “I better be still; let him do the talking so I know exactly where to fit in.  His so good looking and I’m in need of some of Marvin Gaye’s kind of healing.”

“Hold up Girlfriend,” Reason says, “how many times have we been at this place?

I know it’s been a long time still and you miss the rhythm, but we need to get further in, behind, to see just how deep those good looks set in.”

Growth: “I don’t mind admitting that at times like these, I miss, ignorance is bliss.

But you’re right, at this moment in time I’d rather the pain of growing, knowing it’s far kinder than the pain of forgetting-again..

Pleasure and Pain, short term loss for long term gain, trying to get this concoction mixed just so is driving me insane. But I must refrain, for it’s as some wise soul once said, when you fall in love, you fall for a mirror of your most present needs, and right about now, in the final analysis, i’m in need of some serious like attracting like-making.

“So tell me,” the voice of Intuition speaks through me to him, “where do you see yourself in say, 7 years from this day?”

(Growth) After all, nothing pleases me more than a self-loving man-one that knows where his from as well as the direction within which he is going, all in view of the kind of person he is Set On Becoming.

Damn! So much subjectivity! There’s no way I want to be party to that kind of eventuality, for in his life story there seems to be no place for a Queen like me,  Just a spilt milk cleaning up mummy-and I’m done trying to raise man-child babies! I built for Kings..

There should be some kind of law against this degree of false advertisement. I feel cheated, teased- Kente cloth and everything!

I guess The Lesson Is: good looks only runs skin deeptrue beauty emanates from within; and within, he was definitely out, on some kind of spiritual walkabout; a bit like driving in the dark with no headlights on-in for a Fall In kind of love…and in my estimation of love..

far from the One Most Woke UP for the challenge to meet, My Innermost Presenting Needs.

Denise Marcia James,

aka Insperience on poetry circuit 2004

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