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BAATN’s appreciation of the October 2018 addition of Therapy Today

We (The BAATN leadership team) would like to congratulate BACP on the most recent issue of Therapy Today that covered the theme of Black Matters. We appreciated this validation of keeping discussion around race alive and so we commend Catherine Jackson and David...

How The Community Are Helping Black Women Beat Depression

In August 2018 BAATN, and other organisations that are paving the way in mental health care tailored to black women in the community, were mentioned in The Voice newspaper. The online article can be found at the Voice-online. 

BAATN is coming to the Midlands!

BAATN is coming to the Midlands! Over the years I have been trying, with varying success, to develop BAATN so that the community of African, Asian and Caribbean therapists in the UK can feel as dynamic in other parts of the country as it does in London. I am happy to...

Channel 4 News – Identity

Black people in the UK are more likely to be admitted to hospital for mental illness – they are also less likely to use mainstream services. Can connecting black therapists with black patients change that? Watch the video Help nurture Black and Asian psychological...

Why strong black people do go to counselling

On the 8th November 2012 an article entitled "why strong black people do go to counselling" was published in the Voice Newspaper. Read it here. Text version below: WHY STONG BLACK PEOPLE DO GO TO COUNSELLING "I don't feel like chatting my business to anyone" is one of...

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