London Conference

Breaking the Silence; Finding your voice and telling your story.


13 April 2019

This highly interactive conference will explore what we tell others about who we are. Using a combination of exercises, theoretical concepts and group discussion, we will explore what helps or hinders us from telling others about who we really are; in a fun, intimate, confidential and supportive space.

Being more open with ourselves, about ourselves, allows us to then be more open to our clients’ experiences.   Accepting ourselves more fully enables us to be more fully accepting of our clients for who they are.  We will be exploring culture, religion, gender, sexuality and social class as hindrances that influence our silence.


As alway there will be workshops that provide further opportunities to personally investigate, explore and process the conference themes.

Our annual conferences offer us a rare opportunity to come together, share our knowledge, tell our stories, feel connected and gain mutual support and inspiration. It’s also a place to meet old friends and gain new ones.

“To quote Mayo Angelelou “passion, compassion, humour and style”. The quality of care and attention given to us was excellent”

This conference is for people of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage.

Timetable and speakers to be announced. 

Date: 13 April 2018 – Registration 9:30am, 16:30pm end
Venue – The Redmond Community Centre, Kayani Avenue, London, N4 2HF

Cost – Non members £95, non member Students £70 – Directory/Practitioner/Organisational members £72 – Students members £50. Price includes VAT.

“Huge amount of healing – really enjoyed the day – big thanks”

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