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Providing connected learning and support to refugees

We’re looking for counsellors to join our team! If you are a qualified counsellor who has experience working with displaced people, then join us in our project supporting refugees and asylum-seekers from the Moria Camp in Lesbos.

What will you be doing?

ConnectionHub offers educational opportunities to refugees and asylum-seekers living in camps and reception facilities. In order to support our students’ learning we want to establish a network of counsellors and social workers. Our Psychological Support Service will provide a safe, non-judgmental space which is culturally- and gender-sensitive so that our students can work through past traumatic experiences, or current issues, to develop positive ways to regain control over their own lives.

The responsibility of volunteer counsellors will be to provide culturally sensitive counselling support to refugee students undertaking educational pathways at ConnectionHub. This counselling would be delivered through one-to-one virtual sessions taking place at regular intervals.

What are we looking for?

Qualifications and Experience

  • To have qualified as a counsellor with a diploma level 4 or above.
  • Have at least 2 years supervised experience providing counselling or 420 hours of guided learning hours
  • Experience providing mental health risk assessment
  • Experience working with refugees or people of concern
  • A registered member of a UK regulating body and adhere to relevant ethical guidelines.
  • Second language: Arabic, Farsi or French desirable
  • Minimum age 25 years

Person Specification

  • Knowledge and understanding of the needs and the complexity of issues faced by refugees.
  • Able to communicate effectively with students and other volunteers.
  • Able to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic relationships.
  • Able to motivate self and manage time effectively.
  • Basic IT skills.
  • Have access to a stable Wi-Fi connection

What difference will you make?

There is currently a lack of provision for education in refugee camps. In the Moria Camp, conditions are extremely harsh, overcrowded, and unhygienic. Refugees find themselves trapped in a short-term humanitarian response system with limited to no developmental and educational opportunities. The scarcity of learning resources, and the uncertainty and despair of an asylum process which lasts for months, and often years contributes to unrealised human potential and loss of skills. Refugees are likely to be exposed to social exclusion, precarious employment, exploitation, or poverty, as they struggle to build a decent life for themselves.

We want to change all that. ConnectionHub aims to respond to these challenges by setting up connected and fully equipped learning centres for refugees to engage in high quality educational opportunities. Having completed a course, students will come out with skills and qualifications, which will facilitate a smoother integration into their future host country.

But our mission of bringing learning opportunities into camps and reception centres cannot be effective unless it is supported by a network of volunteer counsellors. However, mental health issues can be a potential barrier to education. Refugees are more vulnerable to mental health issues, with their core stressors resulting from trauma, isolation, resettlement and acculturation. By providing psychological support, we aim to make ConnectionHub a more sustainable and beneficial process, addressing the challenges our students face to ensure they have the greatest likelihood of reaching their potential.

By offering your counselling services to ConnectionHub, you will be helping our students to rebuild their self-esteem and change the trajectory of their lives.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

This is the chance to make a huge impact on the lives of refugees and asylum-seekers in the Moria Camp; your involvement in this programme would be helping students in desperate situations to regain hope, to rebuild confidence, and to reimagine their future. You would join our international network of talented volunteers collaborating on this project to bring educational opportunities to crisis and conflict contexts.

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