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Clinical and Counselling service lead -Forensic settings

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2 days a week or spread across the week.

  • Reports to Clinical lead
    Clinical supervisor and 2 prison lead /Asst managers report to this post
    Works with Atrium Pathway Team and quality assurance support.

Job purpose and summary

Lead forensic service strategic and operational planning and delivery of contracted counselling services, coordinate staff including recruitment, development and assurance of clinical supervision, quality assure service in respect of service outcomes against contract specifications in forensic settings. Promote relationships and Atrium services in the wider forensic context and collaborate closely with other service managers in this context to ensure smooth inter-disciplinary working and an excellent standard of service for our clients, with risk management at the core of what we do. Although you will be expected to visit prisons and teams in your induction, thereafter most of the work can be done remotely apart from occasional prison visits.

Person specification

Open to DBS checking and additional background vetting


Committed to working to improve lives of those who have been under served by mental health and therapy services.

Experience and qualifications

Degree or (preferably Masters degree) clinical service manager with therapies background

Registered and qualified psychotherapist or psychologist with minimum of diploma level counselling qualification.

Experience of working in forensic context

Management and leadership training/senior role


Excellent communication skills (writing and verbal)

High levels of organisational ability and can work to deadlines

Operational and strategic focus.

Staff resource planning and training

Managerial skills –leading a service and relationship building with commissioners and other service managers

Systems knowledge- appreciation of complex systems, inter- disciplinary working and collaborations

Service design, planning and implementation skills

Problem solving skills

Flexibility to respond to the changing requirements of our prison contracts.

IT literate excell etc

Data management skills

Report writing skills for reporting to commissioners quarterly

People skills -encouragement and support that recognises individual needs in a goal and activity based system

Team work skills

Resilience and calm under pressure

Job description

1. Staff recruitment, induction and training

Develop a resourcing plan to meet contracted needs; refresh and maintain

Identify key prison and mental health service contacts to ensure vetting and access to prison induction/onboarding.

Recruit, oversee vetting and onboarding and induction framework

Ensure staff are appropriately trained in forensic settings context and integrated into wider Atrium working

Ensure access to operational instructions and processes for forensic work across sites by all practitioners and wider partners; update and maintain and distribute to staff.

Train and ensure staff are cognizant with Health and safety and risk management processes for forensic settings.

Ensure the training of staff in Core applications and arrange the support of Core quality assurance administrator in the Atrium Team to support colleagues.

To provide feedback and performance review processes to senior team and self-employed practitioners when appropriate.

To provide placements for Masters and Doctorate students with associated induction, training, supervision, liaison and reporting with their educational institutions as required.

Utilise the prison leads and clinical supervisor and practitioners directly to achieve the above.

2. Management of people, services and systems

Update and contribute to discussions on wider forensic systems that inform our participation and service delivery in online meetings and communications.

Ensure systems are fit for purpose and under review; system connections with partner systems are robust and effective to optimize our performance

Work through the Prison Leads to ensure that individual practitioners are supported in their operational work and are aware of how we can support their wellbeing at work

Work through the Prison Leads to ensure that Atrium policies Equalities and diversity, our code of conduct etc are understood and promoted.

Ensure absences are managed in accordance with Atrium policies and service contracts are managed using continuity planning to maintain service delivery as far as possible.

To ensure robust communication systems and processes in the team for accountability of services and effective operations and risk management

Design and deliver and manage new services in existing sites or new services to new sites working through established policies and processes and the Atrium prison leads.

Ensure that data KPIs, performance management data and contract reporting are generated according to service contract requirements monthly and weekly requests for information (activity etc) are provided in a timely way.

Ensure that liaison with data quality advice takes place to maintain quality of data input and collaboration with Atrium and partners to comply with best practice.

Ensure data quality assurance in the forensic pathway and agree an audit and feedback reporting process to yourself and practitioners in the forensic team.

Delegate attendance of appropriate Atrium staff to meetings and groups such as, referral meetings as appropriate or where attendance suggested or benefits our work if it is not a requirement for your attendance

Step in to fill gaps if required for the short term in forensic setting as agreed with clinical lead.

Plan and set up meetings for briefing of staff and learning together and inviting other members of the business in as required to maintain team connection and coherence of activity.

Encourage a culture of delegation and practitioner accountability for the ‘client journey through help’ whilst close working relationships on the ground are cultivated and supported in the interest of the client and the business.

3. Development and support of innovative practice and participation in research projects

Encourage the community of practice to be curious and reflective in their practice

To work with others in cross disciplinary projects that focus on improving our knowledge of how to optimize services to our forensic clients.

To join other meetings within the wider partnership to support our developing practice where there are benefits to the business.

To work with other Atrium practitioners in the piloting of new ways of working.

Update and maintain your own professional development

4. General business services and responsibilities

Be flexible to business demands and requests as agreed with clinical lead

Communicate and support the administration team to perform their roles and ensure data accuracy

Train on workshops in other Atrium pathways as appropriate

To cover for the clinical lead as appropriate in a range of duties

To support staff in other pathways to cover absence

Contract length: 12 months

Part-time hours: 16 per week

Application deadline: 29/11/2021

Expected start date: 01/02/2022

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: £45,000.00-£48,000.00 per year

COVID-19 considerations:
We take COVID precautions in our working environment and we are constantly planning for disruptions in the work environment

To apply for this job email your details to sara.ireland@atriumclinic.co.uk.

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