Intersectionality 101 – Radical Dialogues* Inside the Therapy Room

A Workshop on Working With Clients Using An Intersectional Approach – With Kris Black

Weekend workshop: January 11th and 12th, 2020
(was previously 7th and 8th Dec 19)
Venue: Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, Archway, N19 3QP, London

This Trainings is open to Everyone

Can we better understand and work explicitly and empathically with the politics of difference, diversity and discrimination in our interactions with clients, with each other, within the profession and within the world?

Intersectional perspectives can help us to explore how systems of domination and oppression are linked and not separate systems or hierarchies. This radical* perspective offers the opportunity to understand and work with the impact of discrimination such as racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, homo-trans-bi-phobia. These issues affect many clients, many therapists, whilst denial impacts both our profession and the society that we live in. The person that arrives in the therapy room is not separate from contact with the impact of the political. – both therapist and client operate within the same society – the same field – the therapeutic relationship is not untouched by the political.

The workshop will explore the importance of understanding intersectionality for ourselves personally as therapy practitioners, and when we are working with clients. Using an intersectional lens is central to affirmative practice, and can enable both in-depth exploration of the client’s issues and sense of identity within the world leading to greater understanding, empathy and intersubjective connection.

An Integrative Arts Psychotherapy approach will enable safe containment, the offer of personal and political exploration, via pairs work, small and large groupwork. The work is delivered via the lens of US and UK Intersectional feminist perspectives, draws on Queer Theory, Black Issues Theory Systemic & Intercultural Theory and a common-sense integration of Trauma Theory (to name some of the influences). We will explore the challenge and opportunity of integrating Intersectional perspectives into our work as BAATN psychotherapists and as allies.

“I” cannot reach fulfilment without “thou.” The self cannot be self without other selves. Self-concern without other-concern is like a tributary that has no outward flow to the ocean. – MLK

The workshops will enable Counselling and psychotherapy practitioners to:

  • Explore issues connected to good practice when working with clients with intersectional identities from Black, African, Asian and Caribbean communities;
  • Explore working Intersectionally with a range of clients including Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) clients;
  • Explore how intersectionality presents opportunities for deeper dialogue about difference within the
    therapeutic relationship;

By the end of this workshop, participants will have explored why intersectional perspectives are important, will have had time to process some of the feelings about using this lens with clients utilising image making, discussion and other experiential exercises as a vehicle for self-reflection. There will be space for sharing individual reflections in the larger group as well as in pairs and small groups.

Who should attend the training 

  • Qualified and Trainee Black, African, Caribbean and Asian Counsellors and Psychotherapists and Psychologists who are BAATN Members;
  • Qualified and Trainee BME Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists;• Counselling and Psychotherapy Students who are BAATN Members;
  • Qualified Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists who are allies of BAATN

Venue: Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, Unit 4, Lysander Mews, Lysander Grove, London N19 3QP (fully accessible venue)
Date: 11th and 12th January 2020
Registration 09:45 for a 10:00 Start – End 17:00

Organisations – £280

Individuals – £200

Members – £180

Students – £150

(Includes refreshments, course material and attendance certificate. Lunch not included / Places to eat nearby / bring your own lunch)


About Kris Black

Kris Black LLB (Hons), BACP, UKCP registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, an integrative child and adolescent counsellor, CSTD supervisor, independent therapeutic trainer, groupworker and activist. Founder of Radical* Dialogues, Kris has a large and diverse private practice within London’s QTIPOC** and LGBTQIA+ communities with clients from diverse economic, cultural, class and social backgrounds. Kris has worked therapeutically and politically for over 37 years with traumatised adults, adolescents and children from racialised and working-class communities within the education, charity and community sectors. This workshop allows us to delve deeper into the issues of working Intersectionally with clients following Kris’ Keynote Speech to the BAATN Conference in 2017.

Kris is a queer, non-binary, person of colour who uses they pronouns.

*rad·​i·​cal | \\ˈra-di-kəl meaning of going to the root or origin; fundamental: thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or

traditional forms, favouring drastic political, economic, or social reforms

**Queer, Trans, Intersex People of Colour

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