Absent Fathers and the Forgiveness Model

‘Absent Father, Angry Father’

Saturday May 18, 10am – 5pm

St Mary’s Church, Putney, London SW15

This event is being hosted by the Mindfulness Network for People of colour. Profits of this event will be donated to BAATN

Currently there is no official diagnosis, or appropriate terminology, for an individual who is suffering from the effects of growing up without a father. Yet research and statistics demonstrate that it is a problem of epidemic proportions; in particular for black populations where some 57 per cent of fathers are absent.

In the UK, 1 million children are growing up without any meaningful contact with their fathers, and the number of single-parent families has rapidly increased over the past 30 years. We cannot underestimate the impact and scars of growing up fatherless. Statistics show that fatherless children are more likely to be raised in poverty, drop out of school, develop addiction problems, be incarcerated, commit suicide, and show violent behaviour.

About the training event:

In this workshop we will have a rare opportunity to explore the legacy of ‘absent father’, both within our work and on our psyche; and to introduce the concepts and stages of forgiveness. And we will learn how to implement the stages of the forgiveness model , as validated by the American Psychological Association.

Who is this workshop for:

This workshop is ideal for psychotherapists, mental health practitioners, counsellors and psychotherapists, social workers and those in particular working with men or woman who are suffering from the effects of an absent father.

Date: 14th July 18
Time: 10am – 5.00pm
Venue: St Mary’s Church, Putney, London SW15 Getting there
Cost: £90 (£60 concessions)

Book on MNPC website
For enquiries please e-mail : William.fley@aol.com

This workshop provides 6 hours of certificated CPD

Profits of this event will be donated to BAATN


William Fley: Is an Hispanic psychotherapist and founder of the Mindfulness Network for People of all Colours, a directory for People of Colour mindfulness events. He has conceptualized the ‘Absent Father’ workshops; and works in private practice in the New Forest.

Sheila Balgobin: Sheila is founder and mentoring programme administrator for the mentoring services at Baatn. She is a psychotherapist providing online services on dream therapy. Sheila has an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing Practice from Middlesex University.

Wayne Lawrence: Wayne has 15 years experience in the health and social care industry working with individuals and families in assessment units, homes, schools and in the community. He is a member of BAATN and the BACP, and a trainee presenter with MNCP on the ‘Absent Fathers’ workshop.


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