This workshop will be facilitated by Ashima Kumar

The Doodle art* workshop will create a foundation for building resilience by focusing your mind on the ‘here’ and ‘now’.

It will provide a creative outlet from the realm of analytical thinking into the realm of silence, reverie, and heightened awareness.
You will be introduced to the technique of drawing inspiration from nature, translating the complex shapes into simple line drawings using logic and creativity, igniting the dormant aspects of your brain resulting in a calm self.

* Doodle Art is based on a universal reality that we all have an artist within us. In fact, drawing was one of the earliest modes of communication for human beings. Yet, in the process of growing up, most of us lose touch with the artist within us. Doodle art reawakens that artist and helps us explore aspects of ourselves through simple and representational icons. Doodle art is “thoughts which arise” from the unconscious- it is an interpretation of our deeply and unconsciously held beliefs and thought processes. It helps you dig deep into your memory to bring forth new ideas and expressions.  It’s an art form that doesn’t involve much of our conscious mind. However, if a little more thought or effort is put into the drawing, one can create an artwork that can be interpreted, just like a language.

Important** The participants will have to organise some basic material for the workshop

  1. Plain paper
  2. Black fine liner pen (black gel pen will be fine)
  3. Coloured pens (optional)

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There are 15 people coming.

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